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OSU’s Point Guard Solution?



Where does Fred Gulley live? I need to send him a thank you not.

Because he (and others) transferred last season, OSU now has a gaping hole at point guard. That sounds like a terrible predicament, right? Wrong. Enter junior point guard, Stevie Clark from Douglass High School.

Wait? How is a junior point guard going to help OSU this season?

Glad you asked. The soon-to-be-all-world senior is considering flipping the switch on graduation and heading straight to the big time.

Clark’s coached moved on to greener pastures (literally) at Mustang High and Clark said if his assistant doesn’t get the job then he’s out (wait…on second thought…).

He currently has somewhere between 26 and 102 offers from schools around the country (depending on who you ask) but you have to think one of the two in-state schools currently dying for some point guard play is firmly in the derby.

Especially considering the fact that he’s barely 17 years old and seems to be fairly close with his family.

There’s been talk of Ford handing Keiton’s his extra scholarship to a Juco point guard or just sitting on it until next season when OSU will only have two or three (depending on how you feel about Jurick’s achilles) scholarships freed up by exiting seniors.

Am I saying a 17-year old is the answer? No, but if you don’t think Ford needs to partake in some of this then you haven’t watched OSU hoops in a while…

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