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OU Made Shirts Celebrating Bedlam



There’s a lot going on here.

First of all, let’s take a moment of silence for OU fans. Their school made a celebratory t-shirt for beating a 7-4 team on its third-string QB in overtime in a game it never led in regulation.

Secondly, the shirt is visually one of the most horrific things this blogger has ever laid eyes on.

ou shirt 2

ou shirt

ou shirt 3

Red footballs, orange footballs, “wanna-bes,” that school up north, “makin’ a state-ment” — it’s truly everything you could ever dream to find on a t-shirt in the Habitat for Humanity $1 pile here in a few years.

At least they’re only $19.95?

Not rivals.


Not at all.

h/t to @pokelahoma for the find

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