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Pac-12 Reportedly Less Interested than Big Ten in Adding AAU Schools

The Pac-12 could be a more realistic option for OSU.



A significant hurdle in joining the Big Ten for the remaining eight teams in the Big 12 appears to be AAU qualification. A report Monday indicated the league “only would be interested” in adding schools if they were one of the 66 schools in the AAU.

OSU is not one of those.

However, the Pac-12 may be less inclined to look at AAU as a prequalification if it chose to expand, according to the Austin American-Statesman’s Kirk Bohls. Nine of the 12 Pac-12 teams are AAU members, but it does not appear to be a requirement, unlike the Big Ten.

That on its own suggests OSU landing on its feet in the Pac-12, as opposed to the Big Ten, is much more likely. It could also be a positive sign for other Big 12 members left behind looking to find their next spot.

Carson Cunningham and Colby Powell discuss the implications of OU and Texas leaving the Big 12 for the SEC and what it means for OSU in the latest Pistols Firing podcast.

Whether the Pac-12 does indeed want to expand is another topic. New commissioner George Kliavkoff said Tuesday that he’s gotten significant interest from many schools regarding expansion opportunities, but he added that expansion at this time is not “required” to continue to compete and thrive, either.

“We don’t think there’s any risk to staying at 12 teams,” he said. ““We feel very comfortable with our current membership.”

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