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PFB Bracket Challenge 2018: Compete for Swag from the PFB Store



Oklahoma State is not in the NCAA Tournament this year, but we can still have some fun with the Big Dance (literally everyone picks Rhode Island in Round 1).

I’ve created a PFB bracket on CBS Sports (company man), and we will be giving away some swag from our store to the top three finishers.

  • First prize: $40 gift card to PFB Store
  • Second prize: $25 gift card to PFB Store
  • Third prize:  $10 gift card to PFB Store

Last year we had nearly 700 entrants. Let’s see if we can get to 1,000 this year. We didn’t have mullet shirts to give away last year so I’m pretty confident we can make this happen. You can click on the link right here to enter our bracket challenge.