PFB Podcast (Ep. 186): Glenn Spencer Out at OSU

Written by PFB Staff

Kyle Porter and Carson Cunningham talk about the Glenn Spencer firing, what the future looks like on defense for Oklahoma State and take some mailbag questions.

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  • sean

    defense is faltering mostly late in games and i suspect thats got to do with lack of depth.

    • Chris Baker

      I’m not disagreeing with you necessarily, but I think there are too many other defenses with less talent and less depth that produce a better defense. KSU, and TCU are doing more with less or the same.

  • Chris Stover

    Cmon Carson LOL- you haven’t seen Legend of Bagger Vance! Watch it man. Now haha. It is really good honestly.

  • jt

    A COOP beer tournament where you can vote on which beer wins needs to happen lol

    • Seth

      I figured they would jump all over that question!