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PFB Predictions Ahead of Oklahoma State-Missouri in the Liberty Bowl

OSU should hang tough but may lose a close one, based off our predix.



Making it to the end of a football season always feel like an accomplishment, but after a 6-6 regular season filled with tumult and angst, I feel a lot like Tom Hanks getting rescued in Cast Away knowing today is the final, final day of football season for a few months. I’m exhausted, my facial hair is longer-than-usual, and my wife is going to faint with how much more free time I’ll suddenly have. (She doesn’t know about the next signing period yet, but why spoil the mood?)

As we gear up for one final go-round of the season and, fittingly, the year, the PFB team has predictions on how OSU’s last bout against former conference foe Missouri will play out when the two teams take the field in Memphis at 2:45 for the Liberty Bowl. Let’s dive in.

Kyle Porter: Missouri 41 | OSU 28 — I think Gundy is close to correct about Mizzou being a top 10-like team. OSU is … something … certainly not usually that. It’s just difficult for me to envision this OSU team beating this Missouri team in this season (although I would have said the same about OSU against Texas, West Virginia and OU). I always look at hunger when it comes to bowls, and it’s been since 2014 that Mizzou won a bowl. They’ll probably be pretty fired up to go out and grab a nine-win season. OSU might be. I just don’t really know at this point.

Kyle Boone: Missouri 38 | OSU 35 — The last time I felt this good about OSU going into a bowl game against Missouri, it made Maty Mauk look like Johnny Manziel and couldn’t stop the Tigers on the ground a lick. So clearly my internal senses are a bit wobbly. For that reason, I’m going to fade my gut and pick Mizzou to win a tight one. I think OSU can win this game, but Drew Lock > Corndog might be the disadvantage that decides this.

Kyle Cox: Oklahoma State 35 | Missouri 31 — I think Cornelius and the Cowboys offense are due for an upswing after that horrid showing in Ft. Worth and a month’s worth of head-shaking and hand-wringing from the outside. The Tigers get off to an early lead, say 21-7, but OSU’s defense finally forces some TOs and Jordan Brailford finally gets to the QB. (The Cowboys’ sack leader has come up empty in that department the last four games.) The Pokes surge late and finish a fourth-quarter comeback. CornDog wins the Player of the Game award that should have gone to Chuba.

Marshall Scott: Missouri 42 | OSU 31 — My APR must be incredible for me to be able to pick this bowl game. I think Missouri is going to win, so that should be wrong, but last time I tried to use such reverse psychology, I played myself. So, here’s to another bum pick.

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