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PFB Schedule and Update: Football Starts in 10 Days



Oklahoma State women’s soccer starts hitting its stride this week with Bedlam, and Oklahoma State football starts in just 10 (!) days. Shout out to students gearing up for classes in Stillwater starting today. College really is a delightful few years and remains one of the great joys of my adult life. Advice: Study enough but not too much. Explore Stillwater a lot. It’s a special place. And if you ever get caught by the police running routes in BPS at 3 a.m., I’ve got a guy.

Also, just 10 days away!

Oklahoma State Games

• Friday, August 25: Women’s soccer at Oklahoma — 7 p.m. (FS Oklahoma)
• Sunday, August 27: Women’s soccer vs. Creighton — 12 p.m.

Oklahoma State Records

• Women’s soccer: 2-0 (T1 in B12)

Oklahoma State Media Appearances

Mike Gundy and other members of the OSU team will host a luncheon on Friday at 11 a.m.

PFB Coverage

Hayden Barber will be in Stillwater on Friday bringing videos and interviews from players and coaches. Kyle Boone might also be there for updates as well.

Site updates

We are up to 210 contributors. Two-hundred and ten people are now supporting our existence! We’re edging closer to that 600-700 range where we can hire a full-time writer. Also, the goal of 250 by next Thursday is still alive. Four a day for 10 days. We can do that.

You guys are awesome, and I’m really grateful for your generosity and fervor. Also, I can hardly go a week without reading about various news and #content distributors who are doing this.

If you haven’t started contributing yet, you can do so here. Just click on the icons in the middle of the post.

Staff Updates

You should check out the first project our interns put together — a roundup of all future Oklahoma State football schedules through 2022. Much more to come in this area.

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