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PFB survey results (Part II)

What you like most and least about PFB.



Part I here.

First things first, I want to thank the nearly 1,000 of you who filled out the Pistols Firing survey this year. My aim is to continually create a better product and this goes a long way in helping to do that.

Today we look at Part II of the survey results…

Do you read…

Bullets: 20%
#Okstate roundup: 2%
Both: 72%
Neither: 4%

It’s been fun to do the #okstate roundup because I think it (hopefully) makes more people invested/included in the site. You take a cool picture and put it on Instagram with the #okstate tag then I’ll find it and put it on PFB. That seems fun.

Do you listen to the podcast

Yes: 20%
No: 80%

I’m actually surprised it’s this high. Apple doesn’t release analytics so I never really know how many people download it but I never see a lot of conversation regarding the pod. I enjoy doing it, though.

Do you read newspapers in addition to PFB

Never: 12%
When linked in Bullets: 39%
Yes: 49%

In the cross-section 18% of those 20 and under answered “never” compared to only 3% age 41 and older. Fascinating.

Are you Nate?

I think Kyle is Nate: 13%
No: 83%
Yes: 2%

I wish I was smart enough to think of an alter ego. I’m not. One other quick note on Nate: I know he drives everybody bonkers but I’ve actually appreciated a lot of his commentary. I get stuff wrong sometimes and he’s not afraid to point it out. That’s good for me, keeps me in check, etc.

How do you most often get to PFB?

Facebook: 1%
Randomly check throughout the day: 53%
Twitter: 44%


What’s your favorite non-PFB sports website

ESPN: 22%
Grantland: 5%
Deadspin: 5%
Bleacher Report: 2%
CRFF: 3%
Orange Power: 2%
Daily Thunder: 2%
Sports Illustrated: 0.10%

Haha, well done.

What’s your favorite non-sports website

Twitter: 5%
Reddit: 3%
Facebook: 2%
Everything else: 90%

Best comment: Mom blogs – you are the only non-mom blog I read – I have 4 kids so go figure

Here are the best comments from the following sections (my response in italics)…

What do you like most about PFB?

You guys said a lot of nice things here. It started feeling humble-braggy to post them all but here’s a good sampling.

All around coverage in a condensed manner.

Easy access to Ostate info/articles in one place.

Free – no page limits. One stop shop for most OSU info.

How quickly you get you info on the site

Good to hear, these are definitely some of my goals.

Amilian and Nolo

I traced this to your IP address, Amilian.

Bullets about football I really don’t read past football season. Maybe I will for this years bball season though.

Interesting…wonder how many people are like this.

I enjoy flipping through the 10 thoughts after a game because it reads casually – like a friend giving me a rundown of events.

Good, that’s how it’s supposed to read.

OKC Dave

He really is terrific.

My favorite post was when you guys “drafted” QB’s from past teams. I really enjoy the roundups and the comment section.

We haven’t done that lately but yes, those are really fun.

My wife and I enjoy Mrs. Pistols’ football breakdowns. She needs an expanded role in the operation.

I agree. Unfortunately, she does not.

Relatable writing style, sounds about what a conversation in my living room feels like. You’re not always right, but you’re even more rarely wrong and give opinions that are pretty well formed. I like long form posts and short posts alike, as I read Deadspin and Grantland daily.

Good stuff here. I could write a 5,000-word essay on stuff I’ve whiffed on but it’s fun to learn and grow in both writing and fandom. 

It’s all about OSU, and I feel like I’m sitting at the bar talking about football with my buddies that actually understand sports and can give good perspectives on the games.

Awesome, that’s everything PFB is supposed to be.

It brings all the content I care about in one place. I also like videos at the bottom of the Bullets. I get some current events news from this as well.


Information is easy to find and I like Kyle’s spin on everything, a little bit of sunshine but not being pumped into my eyeballs at all times.

I don’t want you to have anything pumped into your eyeballs, that sounds awful.

You are a smart ass and I love i.

I am sometimes, I am.

What do you like least about PFB?

A little overboard with the objectivity sometimes. I don’t come here for that.

Got this a lot. I don’t know of a time in the last three years when I haven’t been objective so I’m not sure what brought you in the first place..

Any time it tries to act like Grantland. You aren’t Grantland, and you should thank God every day you aren’t Grantland, Bill Simmons, or most of the wankers who write for them. I suppose if you would like to be Brian Phillips minus the affinity for soccer, that may be acceptable, but otherwise, Grantland is not what sports writers should try to emulate.


At times I feel like you are having a conversation with your friends. i.e. Nolan, etc.

Yeah, that’s the point!


I’m a man of the people.

Embedded tweets get partially cut off on mobile.

We’re working on this, apologies. I honestly don’t know why it happens.

I am a realist too, but I probably lean a little more toward blind homer after a big loss and sometimes you like to give us a reality check like you did after the Mizzou game about the officiating or like saying stuff like we will never be Texas. I know that stuff and I usually appreciate you taking a step back and presenting a level headed response, but immediately after a loss misery loves company. You do a great job though. The only other complaint… I think the Texas all whites are ugly.

Not the all whites!

I don’t mind negative OSU comments and I can be as sarcastic as anyone but you might be a bit too snarky sometimes.

Fair enough.

I hate, hate, hate the cowboy hat on your logo. That goofy shape feels about as far away from Pistol Pete as you can get. Like it’s a tiny cowboy hat one of the Wayans brothers would don on In Living Color when they were playing a stereotypical gay man.

Hey, this is a shoestring operation. If somebody wants to bang out a sweet logo for me, feel free.

I think it favors the male tweeters over the female voices. You rarely retweet a female point. What is your criteria for answering back or retweeting?

Fair question. I used to answer a lot more on Twitter than I do now. It just takes time, honestly. Time I could be researching stuff or writing or anything else. I read most everything and there’s not really a rhyme or reason to responding. Hope nobody takes that personally.

It can sometimes be opinionated

Well yeah!

Kyle’s opinion is sometimes way out there (like firing Ford last year when that would have pushed everyone into the draft).

I didn’t say we should fire him. I said I was out on him.

Not enough Doug gottlieb stories.

I agree!

Opinion articles and how great your “friends” are (Matt, OKC Dave), but hardly any warrant to other readers/users.

I’ve met OKC Dave once in real life.

Outsider contribution (non-Kyle) has gotten low due to the best and brightest being snatched up by other (paying) sites.

Nolan, are you writing for Deadspin under a pseudonym?!

Please do a big more spell-checking.

Oh my.

Porter is a Debbie downer. It’s really annoying.

We addressed this yesterday.

Proof reading.

Oh my.

Reduntant coverage on players. Let’s hear about everyone. Christien Sager?

What do you want me to say about him? He dished out those high fives like a baller?

Sarcasm does not translate well most of the time. PFB sometimes comes across as snobby.

Again, fair. I think that’s an Internet problem and maybe not specifically a PFB one.

Shoe talk and Kyle being condescending and in love with Texas.

I heart Connor Atchley.

Smugness that comes across. We get that your in the media now, but most people started reading this because we share a common love of OSU. You can’t combine being serious journo and then have these posts where you talk about your buddies and email exchanges (which by the way I like the latter better).

Why not?

Some of the language.

OK, I’m in on 99% of your complaints. If I don’t agree I at least understand where you’re coming from. but language? Come on.

That Amilian and Nolan still won’t come out as Nate


The author broke the trust of the OSU athletic department in breaking the uniform news, and the constant glorifying of all things Longhorn.


Their self-righteous, ugly, egotistical dictator, Pistols Boy Porter.

Guessing this was Amilian as well. How many surveys did you fill out, Amilian?

There are no alabama fans in the comments to argue with


When I’m in class and I run out of bullets to read and actually have to listen

Your parents will thank me, at least.

You are a fag sometimes.


You don’t blindly support OSU.

You’re way to egotistical. Info is good. Less trying to be cool and Masters’ visors please.

Not the Masters visors.

Your opinions, the way you speak in absolutes, your “jokes”, your arrogance and inability to accept anyone’s opinions other than yours, Dave from OKC (nice sports talk call-in handle), Nolo and Carson Cunningham, your Sandusky-level obsession with Markel Brown’s shoes and your use of the word “slaying.”

What exactly do you like about the site?

Your stance on most things.

We have a long way to go.

I give you guys a hard time sometimes but I really appreciate the feedback and commentary. A lot of you said some really nice, thoughtful, helpful things. Thinks that will inevitably make this site better off in the future. Thanks for that.

Part III tomorrow.

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