Poll Question Tuesday: Which Defensive Unit is Most Exciting?

Written by Kyle Porter

Oklahoma State is allowing 0.9 points per drive. I repeat, Oklahoma State is allowing 0.9 points per drive this season. That will undoubtedly change as the season wears on and the Pokes play better offensive teams, but it’s a defense that has been really solid through 8 quarters of play this year.

Different position groups have shined, too. Ramon Richards and Kenneth Edison-McGruder stuck out in Game 1. Jarrell Owens and DQ Osborne in Game 2. It’s a defense that will likely get it done by committee throughout the year. Both because they’re deep and because there are no superstars.

I’m curious, though, about which unit on defense has you most excited so far this season. Is it Richards and Tre Flowers back deep, A.J. Green and Rodarius Williams at the corners, those hard-hitting linebackers or the wealth at defensive line?

As always, your comments and thoughts will be posted later on in the week.

  • Saucy Takes

    Linebackers- depth is key right now

  • GeoPoke

    Most Excited: LB
    Most Nervous: CB
    Most Needed: D-Line

  • Tayvl

    Corners, jury still out
    Safeties, not worried about
    LBs, banged up
    DL, difference-makers so far; they look intimidating

  • Mark

    D-line. The interior seems fierce, and maybe we don’t have a “star” right now, but that may change by the end of season.