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Poll Question Tuesday: Why Has GIA Been So Empty?



Last week, Mike Boynton fired off a pretty interesting tweet (side note: It’s fun to see the difference between his Twitter account which is clearly mostly run by him and Mike Gundy’s, which is clearly mostly not).

Anyway, the tweet was about home attendance, which obviously stirred the pot and sent folks on both sides of the aisle running in the direction they were already leaning to.

And GIA has been empty. Like, “wow that’s really empty for GIA in the post-Sutton era” empty. I’m curious about why. Obviously, there are reasons like the Thunder which will never go away but to me, this goes beyond that.

“I know that there’s a great contingent of basketball fans for Oklahoma State University,” Mike Boynton told the O’Colly. “We have a team here that’s trying to represent them in the right way, playing really hard, having some success. I want our guys to know that they’re appreciated.”

So leave your comments and thoughts in the comments section below and we will discuss throughout the week.