Poll Results: Slight Majority Think 2017 More Loaded Than 2011

Written by Kyle Porter

Hey, it’s the offseason … we have nothing better to discuss! On Tuesday I threw out the poll question of whether the 2011 offense or 2017 offense was more loaded. Carson and I discussed it more in-depth on the podcast on Wednesday, but I’m voting in favor of 2011. I’m in the slight minority, though, as 54 percent of you took this year’s offense.

All of it sort of comes down to how you view the term “loaded” — this year’s team is probably deeper, but I trusted the top talent in 2011 more than I trust this year’s top talent. Joe Randle was better than Justice Hill. Justin Blackmon was better than James Washington. Brandon Weeden was better than Mason Rudolph. That 2011 team was legit.

So again, quantity or quality? This year’s squad has a lot of both, but I think the 2011 team — especially on the offensive line — was just slightly better when it comes to the best players. If football was a 18-player game on offense instead of 11, I might have voted differently.

Comments from readers are below.

JT: 2011. Better O-line, depth at RB, and a OC who coached with 2 middle fingers extended.

Laith: Preseason, 2017. My guess is after this season is over and yards per play, 2011. We have more studs this year but we knew going into 2011 we were going to be great. Do we feel that way this year? We seemed unstoppable back then. Not quite as unstoppable this time around. 2011 had a better o-line, and a proven 1 and 2 at RB.

Guest: 2011. They played more consistent than this team has. Consistently blew teams out with high scoring. The current team has had to claw their way back to win multiple times during the last two seasons. The 2017 WR corps is absolutely insane, and as a whole is better than 2011 team. However, that does not make up for everything else though.

Ryan O: Could be premature, but I will go with 2011. That team was special, and we may never see anything like it again at OSU. While in BPS that season, my cousin and I would place an O/U bet prior to a series on how many plays it would take us to score … that is how good that offense was. I had a supreme confidence that Weeden would make the throw when we needed it. Case in point, the 4th down slant to Blackmon in the Fiesta Bowl. Everyone in the stadium knew where it was going and they completed it like they were in practice. Just an outstanding season full of incredible talent.

Chris Saxon: The fact that this is a legit debate is a really good sign. 2011 team was national Champion caliber.

James: This is a really good question! Keeping in mind that hindsight is 20/20 is really important here. So you have to look at this from the timing perspective of going into 2011 vs today. For example, we all know that Joe Randle was immense that year, but we didn’t know for sure going in that he would be.

QB – Push – This is a good debate by itself, I think.
HB – 2017 – Hill and Co. trumps Randle and Smith here I think
WR – 2017 – Let’s be real, Cooper and Moore wouldn’t start on this team
OL – 2011 – Given a draft of both units, I’m not sure I take anyone from this year’s team other than Cochran
OC – 2017 – Not even close. Sorry to all of the haters. It was Monken’s first year and Yurcich has had more than 1,000 days with his QB.

Now, let’s revisit this in about 7 months and see what we say about the performance.

  • BBJD

    I went with 2017 but to the comment Yurcich > a first year Monken that is crazy.

    I like Yurcich he is underrated but Monken is one of the best OC’s around and proved it when he had Chelf, Lunt and Walsh run a top 20 offense.

    • okstate4life

      Please explain “underrated”. I’ve seen waaaayyy too many unsuccessful WR screens and HB up the middle on 3rd and 10 up until recently to think that Yurcich is fair at play calling at best.

      • BBJD

        90% of teams would rather have Yurcich then their OC. We went from having one of the best offensive minds in CFB in Holgorsen to another one of the best in Monken. Oklahoma State got spoiled for awhile so now when we have an above average to good OC instead of a great one we all think he sucks. That is why he is underrated.

        • Stepdaddy

          Insiders say that it is MG that is the problem not OCMY. Until OCMY or MB goes somewhere else it will be difficult to know.

          • BBJD

            I’m a Gundy supporter but the play calls people complain about are similar to the play calls from 09 when Gundy was calling plays and driving me crazy.

          • Stepdaddy

            I totally agree. I know it seems like I hate Gundy. And there are certain things I do hate. But he made the best move of is career when stepped aside from play calling and went out an hired in succession two really good OC. The fact that he moved away from that successful recipe is one of the things I hate. Who gives a sh!t if you have to hire new OCs more frequently if you have talent like Holgerson and Monken. Can you image what the program would look like if he had promote Mecham and hired someone like MY as the QB coach? If you recall Gundy kept touting the “system” was the reason for OSU success. He implied that it did not matter who the coaches were because OSU had a system. Well the dumbass notion was shot to hell when OSU lost Wickline, Mecham, Monken, and Van Malone. Nobody talks about it be our secondary has never been the same since we lost Van Malone.

    • James

      Yurcich is not better than Monken after his first year. I didn’t say that. I said that, based on what we know going into 2017 vs 2011, it’s not a fair fight. That should be the point of this whole conversation.

      Does anyone really think the 2017 offense will outperform 2011? I don’t… at least based on PPG and yards, but we’ll see.

      • BBJD

        I get what you are saying in a vacuum with no knowledge of future success in that case I agree.

    • OSU Student

      Honestly, I don’t think Monken was all that creative when he was OC. He just had an unbelievable amount of all-around balanced talent at his disposal. When all else failed, he could just tell Weeden to close his eyes and throw it up and chances were JB was gonna go grab it. I think yurcich is a little more creative with his plays, they just don’t always work. That being said, Yurcich offsets the argument with the unbelievably high amount of head scratching calls the throws out sometimes. It’s like he’s trying too hard to catch people off guard and it turns out bad. Monken just knew what he had and forced defenses to try and cover it.

      • BBJD

        I think Monken not being as creative is what made him the best OC we ever had (Including Dana). He took an amazing offense that is a lot of times too cute for it’s own good and made it efficient. A lot less creativity isn’t necessarily a bad thing and I think Monken proved that at Okstate and South Miss for that matter.

        • OSU Student

          Yeah I agree. I should have worded that differently, I didn’t mean to make it sound like MY is better than TM, cause he isn’t. Just saying that Yurcich has more creative play calls. Monken knew exactly what worked and what didn’t, and he forced what he knew he had an advantage with over and over again. No need to try to fix what’s not broken. That’s what made him so successful. The only coach I’ve seen have his success be directly resulted from his creativity with crazy sets is Lincoln Riley. Idk how he does it, but the guy found ways to call plays to get Westbrook and Mixon wide open at least 6 or 7 times a game, which is even More impressive knowing that they were basically OU’s only playmakers. Defenses STILL lost them regularly because of his sets.

      • Stepdaddy

        This is so stupid, I don’t even know where to start. Monken did what all great football coaches do he put the game in the hands of his play-makers; he started fast, and he did not let off the gas until he was in the locker room with W, when OU was across the field he didn’t make a puddle, he gave them the bird. There is no logical or reasonable comparison of the coaching styles of Monken or OCMY. OCMY is way better then he was but that simply proves how bad he was when he started. Again, it may be MG overriding OCMY. That is what I am told by an insider, but whatever the case is the play calling has been erratic, nonsensical during key games since he arrived.

        • OSU Student

          Why is it stupid? Not saying Yurcich is better, in any way whatsoever. Just said he calls more creative plays. Nothing false or stupid about that.

  • Doc Holliday

    QB- It’s close but Weeden just seemed to hit receivers in stride better and always be in tune. He threw some picks at times but never struggled like Mason did against CMU. I think it’s kind of a draw between them even though I trusted Weeden more if that makes sense
    RB- VERY close..Id rather answer this after this season. Randle had a better line but was still a stud even though he fumbled again the ISU. Hill is a cat and is only going to get better. I’ll give 2011 a slight nod simply because Randle/Smith complimented each other so well. As of right now we don’t really know who will spare Hill
    Yurcich can’t even wear Monkens visor or buy Dana’s Red Bull.

    • jt

      In complete agreement with you.

    • Scott

      Weeden struggled against ISU and threw two interceptions against ULALA. Weeden had a great year, but he did have moments where he wasn’t perfect.

      • Doc Holliday

        Yeah but he had the advantage of having an OC that actually tried to beat teams

    • Troy

      Big difference is in OCs. With Monken we beat the teams we were supposed to beat by 30 points. Which looks better for a playoff committee. With Yurcich we could win the same number of games but we don’t blow anyone out. Talent wise it is pretty much a wash. O-line made Weeden look better, but Rudolph has more over all talent. Blackmon was better than Washington, but all other receivers are better on the 2017 team. Randle was a great back, but had a problem with fumbles.

      • Doc Holliday

        I don’t understand why we don’t blow teams out anymore…I love OSU sports but I’ll be honest the offense just isn’t as fun to watch as it was

  • forever 14

    Cooper wouldn’t start? Cooper had multiple years in the NFL, not as a starter maybe, but multiple years in the NFL at all, under any circumstance makes a statement.

  • HolyBuckets

    Here’s the thing – the wording modifies this question. OSU is undoubtedly more loaded this year. More successful? We have yet to see that. But loaded? Absolutely. Our WR corp is deeper, as is our RB. I think of loaded being a corp of guys that could start and impact immediately. 2011 had a bunch of guys that were average or slightly above average, but a really, really good team. 2017 has an embarrassment of riches on its roster. Stoner is a D1 threat around the nation, and he may be working with The Oil Baron primarily. Underestimated talent and better coaching? 2011. But loaded? 2017, and it’s not even close.

    • OSU Student

      Not deeper at RB. I’d get rid of Hill and our incoming freshman in the blink of an eye to have Randle, Smith, Simms, and Roland behind Mason. But, I think the talent advantage at WR this year cancels out the RB advantage that year.

  • OSU Student

    The only reason 2017 won out is because of the moment. Most of the comments on the original thread had 2011.

  • Gundy Forever

    Here’s the good news folks, my first son was born September 2008-Cowboys had a breakout year anf by his first birthday the Cowboy football team had made two appearances on the cover of S.I. my second son was born in 2011 and I have a picture of him watching the bedlam game and celebrating our first ever big xii championship. My third son will be here in less than a month. I’m all in on our first ever playoff appearance, your welcome.

  • Brendan

    I would like to change my vote, I’ve been swayed by a reminder…the O-Line. Give 2017 skill that 2011 O-Line and…oh my, I need to stop…

  • Stepdaddy

    Look I love Rudolph, but the idea he is better than Weeden at this point is ridiculous. Look at the giants Weeden slayed : Tannehill, Luck, RGIII, Landry Jones. Runolph has only really beat one good QB in Pat Mahomes. The B12 is maybe half as strong as it was when Weeden played. I love Rudolph but unless and until he beats OU and wins against a really good team, there is no comparison to Weeden. This is like comparing Sims to Applewhite. Yes on paper Sims looked better. But who do you want playing when the big games are on the line? Applewhite. Same thing with Rudolph/Weeden if the game is one line based on their bodies of work to-date I would want Weeden.

    As far as across the board talent. I would rank it as follows:
    1. QB winner 2011
    2. RB winner 2011
    3. OL winner 2011
    4. Receivers winner 2017
    5. Special teams winner 2011
    6. DL winner 2017 (very close)
    7. LB winner 2011
    8. DB winner 2011
    9. Coaching winner 2011
    10. Overall winner 2011.

    • Forever 14

      Weeden could throw every pass. Rudolph’s fade routes aren’t remotely comparable (with rare exception). Weeden would occasionally throw bad interceptions, okay one or more per game, but the rest of his game was well ahead of Rudolph’s game. Just comparing numbers, is Ben Grogan really better than Quinn Sharp and Dan Bailey?

      • Stepdaddy

        Well said. One thing about Weeden’s interceptions he had a short memory. I don’t ever recall him completely falling apart, just because he threw a pick or two. Another thing about Weeden is that he was having fun!!! He never appeared nervous or scared. The tougher the opponent the bigger the smile he had on his face. These were the same characteristics of Robinson and Fields. We were so lucky Weeden played at OSU.

  • Hal

    Sometimes the popular vote doesn’t win