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Porter: Site Updates and a Mini-Tour



Hello friends. I wanted to address this before the first game on Thursday because I know the last week has been a little bumpy when it comes to PFB.

If you have sent me an email about something that has been broken with our site redesign, I have seen it, and we are most likely working on whatever it is you pointed out. If we weren’t already, we certainly are now.

We have been scrambling more than Daxx Garman in, well, any game from 2014, and Kyle Boone and I have traded many, many texts, calls and messages about righting the ship.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to personally respond to all of the messages you guys have sent, but know that we hear you and are working to fix some of the wonky issues with everything. Our developer, Mac, is grinding behind the scenes, and we’re getting there, but it might take a little while longer.

Also … continue to provide feedback. It’s helpful! You can contact us in a myriad of ways right here.

Speaking of site navigation, here are a few things I’d like to highlight that either existed before and we didn’t point to them or are new.

Commenting policy. You should all read this. Some of you should really read this.

History/About. If you’re new around here, you might not know the full story. This certainly isn’t it, but we’re at least getting inside the ballpark here.

Masthead. We’ve updated our list of content creators.

2018 Football Schedule. Seems self-explanatory.

2017 Football Schedule. This is a fun feature because we have linked to old posts about the site for you guys to go back and read if you’re inclined to do so.

Recent posts. This displays all of our content in straight linear form.

Thank you again for reading and participating. I’m sorry again for the roller coaster ride of the last week. The good news is that the feedback has been mostly positive. We have tried to create a better site, and, maybe incredibly, it seems like a lot of you think that’s what we’ve done. We will never stop trying to do that until some day in the future when this entire thing is over.

Until then, though, PFB will be a place for you to gather as a (digital) community to be (hopefully) better informed, entertained and enjoy talking about Oklahoma State sports. Cheers (and COOPs) to a great season.

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