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Programming note: No more radio

I won’t be on the Sports Animal anymore this year.



I wanted to update you guys real quick that I was let go of from the Sports Animal recently.

I was told they had brought on too much programming and I was the odd man out. The hierarchy in OKC is (and should be) 1.) Thunder 2.) OU 3.) OSU — I don’t blame anybody for that, you have to play to your audience. “Playing the hits” I believe is what it’s called in the business.[1. Why do you think I post uniform stuff on here all the time?]

It also probably didn’t help that I was pretty average on the air.

I’m a little bummed because I really enjoyed going on and talking with Mark Rodgers and PJ Mills — I thought it was a pretty thrilling thing to be able to talk about sports and have people listen to it on the radio.

I want to thank both of those guys as well as Dax Davis and my man Gottlieb for giving me a shot at the job to begin with. Nobody had to do that for me and I’ll always appreciate it.

Anyway, this isn’t a pity party for me — I’ve always been forthright with the good and the bad things that have happened in my career and I didn’t want this to be any different.

Also, if you’re planning on starting, say, an all-sports radio station anywhere in Oklahoma over the next few months, I am very available.

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