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Ranking the Best Pokes in the Pros Scenarios: Smart Winning an NBA Title to Rudolph in the Super Bowl



Maybe this came about because it’s NBA Playoffs time, and Marcus Smart is doing the dang thing in Boston. Or maybe we’re too deep in Pittsburgh Steelers world (we are). I don’t really know how it happened, but I do know that at some point in the last week we started thinking about (and ranking) the best possible scenarios for former Oklahoma State athletes currently playing professional sports.

This is an ambiguous exercise obviously (and even purposefully), and posts of its type were one of the original foundations upon which PFB was built. So it’s kind of cool for us to revisit that era and have a little fun with some (admittedly) unrealistic potential scenarios for guys like Smart, Rudolph and others. Ok, enough lead time. Let’s jump in.

1. Rudolph to Washington for a trophy

It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the Super Bowl, but how cool (and improbable!) would it be to see the most prolific connection in Oklahoma State school history do their thing to win their division or even the AFC. I can see the camera cutaways to sad Big Ben in a leg air cast now!

2. Rickie Fowler wins the Masters

I don’t think Fowler winning a U.S. Open or Open Championship would resonate quite like him winning a green jacket. That’s a globally-significant title for any golfer in a way that even the other three majors are not. And Fowler would be a great champ. We were two strokes and one very villainous Cowboy killer away from it happening in 2018.

(Aside: Carson suggested on our most recent podcast that Patrick Reed might keep the deed to Karsten Creek in his golf bag, and it made me laugh a lot).

3. Marcus Smart stuffs KD for the NBA title

So many levels of joy for Oklahoma State fans here, I’m not even sure where to begin. And we’re a few games away from the possibility!

4. Dan Bailey kicks Super Bowl winner

Dirty Dan from 45 to win the Lombardi? Bronze those orange shoes, and hang them in Heritage Hall.

5. Dez Bryant beats Cowboys to go to Super Bowl

I think there’s probably a lot of crossover Cowboys-Cowboys love so this might not be the most popular choice, but it would still be kind of ? to see Dez catch a game-winner with Jerry giving one of these from luxury box row: ?.

6. Jawun Evans leads LAC to Western Conf. Finals

How amazing would it be if the Chris Paul facsimile took the Clips where Chris Paul never could: Past the second round.

7. Tony Allen signs with the Thunder

It feels a little like his destiny to replace Nick Collison on the Thunder bench. I don’t know that it will ever actually happen, but it would be a great finale for one of the most underrated Pokes in school history.

8. Heaney faces Mercer in World Series

The Angels are currently in first place, and the Pirates are one game back in their division. So an Andrew Heaney-Jordy Mercer showdown, while not the most feasible on this list, is one of the more intriguing.

387. (A bonus) Gerald Green wins a NBA Championship with Rockets

Oh like we wouldn’t celebrate that …

One thing that popped to me as I rolled through these is that OSU doesn’t have a very big presence in professional sports. Not like an OU or an Ohio State or a USC. I guess I should have expected that, but I also felt like I was reaching with stuff like Tony Allen signing with the Thunder. Not because I necessarily wanted to, but rather because the list of pro sports scenarios for former popular Pokes doesn’t run super deep.

I certainly have included more iterations with the same players or stuff like “Kevin Peterson intercepts Aaron Rodgers to win the NFC” or “Peter Uihlein wins The Open,” but I tried to include only the most popular former Pokes and keep the scenarios at least (sort of) within reason.

That being said, I’m sure I missed a few here or didn’t remember some I should have. Would love to hear from you guys in the comments on what you’d like to see go down in the pro sports world for former Cowboys.

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