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Ranking the football uniforms: No. 11

Orange-white-orange are No. 11 on my list of favorite OSU uniforms (of 11).



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I wanted to make a top 10 list of my 10 favorite uniforms Oklahoma State has worn in the last two years and I just couldn’t do it. I got to the cut at No. 10 and I couldn’t leave No. 11 out. So screw it, we’re doing a top 11 list because we can.

Uniform No. 11: Orange-White-Orange
Worn: at Kansas State
Result: Loss, 44-30

I’m not a big fan of the orange helmet (I hate the Pete one) but I thought this combo looked pretty good on the road. It feels like the helmet could be better (both orange helmets, really) with maybe a black “OSU” outlined in white, but at least this satiates the 60+ “OUR COLORS IS ORANGE NOT THAT G(R)AY JUNK, NIKE SUX” crowd.

We’ll count down the other 10 over the next month or so…

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