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Report: Oregon, Washington Leaving Pac-12 for Big Ten

Is this the end of the Pac?



For about an hour Friday morning, it looked as if the Pac-12 might escape death’s clutches, but as the day has progressed, that might not be the case.

Oregon and Washington are leaving the Pac-12 for the Big Ten, according to Brett McMurphy. With Colorado’s move to the Big 12, and USC and UCLA also set to join the Big Ten, that pushes the Pac down to seven schools entering next school year. But more could be on the way out.

Oregon and Washington hitting the exits could further push some combination of Arizona, Arizona State and Utah to the Big 12. Arizona is already reportedly a step or two away from joining the Big 12. With the Pac-12’s media rights deal ending after this school year, no school that leaves the Pac-12 has to pay an exit fee.

This move pushes the Big Ten to 18 schools, and McMurphy reports the league could go for 20. If the Big 12 is able to add all three of Arizona, Arizona State and Utah, the league would be at 16 entering next school year.

The Ducks and Huskies have been in the Pac since joining the Pac-8 in 1968. This gives the Big Ten more of a foothold along the west coast after adding USC and UCLA.

Reports started surfacing Friday morning that the Pac-12 might just find a way to stick together, but McMurphy (who has been on the money all conference realignment season long) reported that the Pac-12 was unable to get its media rights deal signed, leading to the further defections. The 30-for-30 on all of this is going to be fascinating.

All eyes now shift to Arizona, Arizona State and Utah as to whether that bunch will abandon ship as well.

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