Report: OSU Freshman Brendan Vaughn Arrested on Drug Charges

Brendan Vaughn. (Credit: Scout)
Written by Kyle Boone

OSU freshman Brendan Vaughn was arrested Saturday on drug charges after police found marijuana and cash in his dorm room, according to a report from The O’Colly.

Vaughn was arrested by OSU police on charges of possession of a controlled and dangerous substance with intent to distribute within 2,000 feet of a school and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was charged Tuesday with one felony and one misdemeanor.

The true freshman was the first verbal commitment of the 2017 recruiting class for the Cowboys and was sitting out the season to redshirt. He played safety and outside linebacker for Forney High School and was slated to play an outside linebacker role for OSU.

Here are more details from The O’Colly about Vaughn’s arrest.

“A strong odor of fresh marijuana” was coming from the window of the apartment and an officer could hear a vacuum sealer running inside, according to the affidavit.


Officers found a small pile of “green leafy substance” on the desk in front of the window and a shoebox with a vacuum-sealed food bag containing a “large” amount of what appeared to be marijuana, according to the affidavit.

Police reportedly found an “even larger bag” of the “substance” in a suitcase with vacuum-sealed bags, a safe, a digital scale and a Versace sunglasses box with more than $1,500 enclosed, as well as $500 in a dresser drawer.

OSU has not commented on Vaughn’s status as a member of the football team.

  • GeoPoke

    Well, bye.

    In all seriousness, I hope he is able to continue life without going to jail forever. It’s still illegal and he will, and should, be kicked off the team today.

    • PonchoPete

      Maybe ou has a scholarship for him

    • OkieYokieDokie

      “Jail forever” lol get over yourself. You do know its legal in America?

      • VACowboy

        Selling it out of your dorm is illegal everywhere. Gundy needs to send him packing.

      • common sense

        It’s actually illegal in America. There’s a couple state laws that allow it, but it’s still illegal federally.

        This is not my opinion of the matter. Just the facts.

    • OkieYokieDokie

      If this happened in Colorado or Oregon, would you even hear about it ?

      • GeoPoke

        Maybe (NCAA rule maybe?) but probably not. But here, it’s illegal. Here you have archaic laws that may put people away for 20 years for nearly possession.

        That’s all I’m saying.

      • rspurgeon

        Sounds like he is a seller, not just a toker, huge difference

      • VACowboy

        Yes, if he was caught smoking then maybe not but selling and possessing large quantities is not acceptable anywhere.

      • Chris Putnam

        But it didn’t. It happened in Oklahoma. Intent to distribute is a felony.

  • Shawn Northcliff

    These young men have to be smart you are given a opportunity of a lifetime and never really appreciate it until it’s all gone. Be smart

  • brighterorange74


    • OkieYokieDokie

      Pay the players then. They have no time to get jobs. And get minimal money to live on. You step in his shoes and see if you last a day. Typically happens more time then not. Just most dont get caught. These guys come from nothing and they expect them to live off 300 a month. Keep him on the team ffs and give the kids some money

      • qb18

        You’re a moron. They get free housing, free food, free school. What else do they need money for? The rest of the team is doing ok. Kid had an amazing opportunity. I’d take that in a heartbeat.

        • T-Bone

          What else do they need money for?

          Apparently drugs.

      • BostonPoke

        $300 after everything is paid for is chump change? How much money they were spending before coming to school?

      • Johnson’s

        I agree. Athletes have no time for anything outside of class schedule and athletics. No money, not enough sleep, very unfortunate situation these talented athletes are placed in. Don’t judge him or anyone else UNLESS you are in his shoes at this very time. He did what he had to do. He’s 18. He’s not 26. He’s still a student which means, he’s young. Everyone makes mistakes. His happened to be placed online and for the entire world to read about. Read his stats. Great talent

        • AC

          I was with you until your fourth and fifth lines. We have every right to judge a stupid mistake that likely – and should – cost him his shot at success on a potentially national level. We have every right to judge a stupid mistake that is going to hurt the program after dismissing a talented player. And he DANG sure did not ‘have to’ be a drug dealer. Not smoker. Not occasional dabbler. DEALER. ‘He did what he had to do’ – that is the most ridiculous justification I’ve ever seen. Young, fine. Stupid, fine. Mistake, fine. But there are consequences and now he’s going to experience them. I hope he learns and becomes a better player and person – but not at OSU.

        • Tayvl

          He did what he had to do? No, he DIDN’T do what he had to do. Nobody wants a teammate who can’t follow simple sensible rules, let alone one who breaks the law and shames his team. That’s not at all hard to figure out.

      • Steve Perry

        With what money? Osu made less than a million dollars last year I believe. We had to have a coach hold out to get assistants pay just to the middle of the big 12. Raise season ticket prices? Already to high..please tell me where the money comes from and then i’m all ears

      • Patrick, Orlando

        I played college ball for 4 years and money got a little tight, but meals and clothes were always taken care of.

        Never did I think to breaking the law to have extra money.

  • Kylon Porta

    If weed was legal street dealing would not be an option for him.

    • VACowboy

      Street dealing weed would not be an option but maybe other drugs would be. It speaks to character and people with questionable character will find a way to screw up. Best that he goes.

  • Saucy Takes

    See ya get out of town jack

  • Greg Mitchell

    I’m think that it is absurd that weed is not legal, but the young man had a choice to play ball or deal weed in a state where it is illegal. I hope the young man’s life turns out OK, but from a program standpoint he needs to go.

    • David

      I think this is beyond forgivable. There’s an argument for it being a self-control issue but there’s no way you should ruin a kids life over some weed.

      • Greg Mitchell

        Not getting to play D1 football is not ruining a kids life. I didn’t get to play D1 football and it didn’t ruin my life. He had a choice, he made it, now he has to deal with the consequences off being a pot dealer.

        • David

          It doesn’t register to me why being a pot dealer is a big deal. I think Gundy should give him a second chance.

  • Bramos

    Obviously you have to follow the rules, but the rules need changing.

    I’d much rather have our players smoking in their dorm rooms not hurting anyone than them out drunk driving and falling asleep at a Whataburger drive-thru.

    • David


  • Clark Matthews

    Reminds me of when B.J. Tiger was arrested when I was a senior in college. A group of us were reading the O’Colly story about it while waiting for the class before ours to let out and one of the guys complained, “He’s not the smartest quarterback we ever had.” Then my friend piped in, “says here a police officer caught him after a foot chase, so apparently he wasn’t the fastest quarterback we ever had, either.”

  • Mark

    Man, where are the Baylor cops when you need them??
    …. Kidding

  • Dan

    See ya!

  • David

    Tough crowd today over some marijuana.

    • AC

      It’s the context. Had he been caught smoking it, that’s bad and worthy of a suspension (2-3 games next year). He was A DEALER. That goes beyond recreational usage or sharing with friends – that is actively propagating the drug trade. Regardless of your feelings about pot, there is a substantial difference in severity – both legal and otherwise – between smoking pot occasionally and actively maintaining the life of a distributor. Kids make mistakes, but this was a lifestyle choice he made. It doesn’t take just a week or two to become a dealer. This has clearly been going on for a while. He needs to go – full stop.

      • David

        I don’t see anything wrong with him selling pot. If he goes one state over he’s running a good business. I think it’s crazy that we’d even think of suspending someone for simply smoking pot at this point. It’s simply my opinion on this, but getting a felony for selling a plant is crazy to me.

        • AC

          Okay, cool? I’m glad that you feel the way you do but that LITERALLY DOESN’T MATTER. It doesn’t matter if he did it in Colorado because he was in Oklahoma. It doesn’t matter if you just think it’s a plant because legally it’s not just that in Oklahoma. It doesn’t matter that you don’t see anything wrong with it because lawmakers have determined that selling it is a felony in Oklahoma. It doesn’t matter that you’re so shocked that we not only suspended but booted the kid for pot because Gundy did the absolute thing that we crucify – and rightly so – Baylor and OU and Texas for NOT doing and he should be applauded. It wouldn’t even matter if it was LEGAL in Oklahoma if the university and football program said ‘no drugs, period’ because he violated that rule. Take up some pro-pot/anti-crime legislation if you think it’s that big a problem, but actions have consequences. You choose to break a law you disagree with, you choose to deal with the results of breaking that law, good or bad. Best of luck to the kid with whatever his next step is, but he is NOT in the right here. Period.

          • David

            I mean, I know my opinion doesn’t matter. And I’m not really bashing Gundy at all…I just think the entire concept is silly. Let the kids smoke pot if they want. It doesn’t register to me as a big deal at all. He didn’t hit or rape a woman…he sold a plant.

          • AC

            He did sell a plant – a plant that, in Oklahoma, is illegal to sell. Silly or not, big deal or not, the law is what it is and it’s pretty darn clear. He knowingly violated it and the rules of the team, so he deserves what he has gotten.

        • T-Bone

          All the other players will have to find a new supplier.

  • Stick

    Well bye…

  • JimC

    lmao big deal some weed and cash!!! At least he didn’t run from the cops and get tackled by the fat one! lol

  • Scott

    Such a shame. The kid was blazing fast, especially for a linebacker. A lot of potential that may not be realized because of dumb decisions.

  • Cowboydroid

    Idiotic laws ruining people’s lives. Americans need to grow up and shake off the reefer madness.