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Rudolph Addresses Roethlisberger Situation in Pittsburgh, Blames Media



The Steelers’ held their first Rookie Minicamp practice on Friday which provided another opportunity for Mason Rudolph to clear the air between he and Ben Roethlisberger. Here is a video of his first conversation with the media following practice.

When asked if he’d chatted with Ben yet Rudolph said he had via text.

“Ben reached out to me, and he’s excited to get in after rookie camp week is done and start getting after it,” said Rudolph. “He said ‘hey, good luck at rookie mini camp.’ I was really appreciative of that. Haven’t met him yet but I’m looking forward to meeting him.”

As for their entire skirmish that played out on websites like this one. Rudolph blamed, well … us.

“I think the media kind of twisted it around a little bit,” said Rudolph. “I think he’s a competitor. He’s a hall of fame quarterback. He’s a competitive guy, and that’s what I would expect. He’s a long-time starter. I’m sure we get in this building and we’re going to be friends. I’m going to let him do his thing and try to pick up what I can from him but not bother him.”

Rudolph continues to handle the awkward situation like a NFL veteran instead of a rookie. He and Roethlisberger will likely meet closer to May 22 when all players report for training camp. It’s encouraging to hear that the two have at least spoken, even though it was through text message, and I’m willing to bet they will work together very well in Pittsburgh despite the awkward first impression.

Also for your enjoyment, here is Rudolph finding his old college running mate in his first practice with the black and gold.

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