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OSU falls in final regular season game, 48-42




It couldn’t have lived up to its name any more fortuitously.

I’ll skip the recap since all of you have seen it, and some probably more than once. Straight to my thoughts. And I have a few of them…

  • How weak was Gameday? Oh, yeah, we have the only trio ever from a major conference to go 4000 | 1500 | 1500 and the story you’re going to do on us is about a dude who isn’t even committed to come to OSU?
  • Also, was anybody scared of Corso shooting Desmond Howard on air with that Pistol Pete gun and Stillwater hosting the only pre-game football show in which an actual death occurred?
  • Desmond in a red tie on the day of Michigan Ohio St.? Come on, you’re better than that.
  • The student section was full by 6:15 – I’ve never seen that. Everybody understood what was at stake. Bodes well for the future of our program.
  • There was an OU car driving around campus blaring “Boomer Sooner” for like 3 hours. They came by our tailgate 5 or 6 times. I just don’t understand. One of my friends said, “If that was us and this was Norman, we’d be dodging beer bottles.”
  • It’s been well-documented but it’s as if OU fans just want to say “screw you America, we’re going to say ‘home of the Sooners’ even louder than normal because all of you made a big deal out of it.” Keeping it classy I guess.
  • BPS was as loud as I’ve ever heard it when the team came out of the corral. The music lasted a little bit longer than it should have and I thought people were fading but it came ALIVE when they swung the gate open. I got a little tickle in my chest I was so giddy.
  • My boy, Brett, asked me why Sooner fans hold up their forefingers when there’s a kickoff. I pointed out that #1 Tony Jefferson is on special teams and they all must just like him a lot.
  • The piping in of the music after OU first downs so their band couldn’t play. I have mixed feelings. I get it, I mean I’d rather hear little children scream than hear that song, but I also think it’s kind of weak that our athletic department stooped (no pun) to that level. That’s something OU would do. We’re better than that.
  • Blackmon was a man for dragging his leg around for 60 minutes. What a ballsy performance. We’ve been comparing him to TO (from a strictly athletic performance) all year for the way he struts around and carries himself and makes catches and this was his “I just came back from a broken leg and I’m owning the Super Bowl” game. Couldn’t be any prouder that he’s on our side.
  • Same for Weeden. He struggled, and understandably since OUs D-line did unmentionable things to our O-line, and then he got hurt and you could tell he was feeling it. Gutsy performance to stay out there and keep taking shots and keep making throws.
  • 107 plays! One-hundred and SEVEN plays! They ran 107 plays against us! I blame everyone. I blame the coaching staff for calling that asinine punt block (do we not remember the UL-LA game?). I blame Gilbert for trying to block the punt (more on him in a second). I blame the defense for not having a single, memorable 3rd down stop. I blame the offense for only putting together 1.5 sustained drives. And I blame my dad for raising me an OSU fan.
  • Shaun Lewis is insane. How did we get him?

  • I turned to my boys at the beginning of the fourth and say “if I would have told you guys in August that we were gonna play 15 minutes against OU and whoever scores more points goes to the Big XII title, would you have been excited?”
  • The game felt…stagnant. Like I said, no sustained drives, a lot of injuries, some penalties. The 4th quarter made up for it though. And then some.
  • The pick by Broderick Brown to Shaun Lewis was like a play we used to try to run in flag football combined with Charles Woodson’s 1-handed pick against Sparty in East Lansing during his Heisman campaign in ’97. We were on the sideline where he made the play so all we saw was the football fly back on the field and Lewis turn around with it and Broyles get KILLED like 1.1 seconds later.
  • I really thought we were going to get a stop after Blackmon scored and it was 33-31 and we had them 3rd and 12. The atmosphere for about 4 minutes was like old Gallagher – everybody was hopping up and down and screaming at the top of their lungs – 100 years of hatred audibly spat in the direction of Landry Jones and his 10 offensive teammates. It was insanity and the D was infused. All we needed was ONE stop. And we couldn’t get it.
  • I was just hoping the dropped Broderick Brown | Johnny Thomas pick on 2nd down wouldn’t come back to haunt us, but it did.. Brown was on our 45 when he dropped it which meant we would have needed to drive about 22 yards in the last 2:30 to give Bailey a chance for immortality. And, I promise you, if Bailey would have hit a 50-yarder to beat OU and send us to the Big XII title, he would have had about 20,000 students chasing him towards Gallagher-Iba for a massive, orange, freezing cold dogpile. He also would have never bought another drink again in Stillwater. Ever.
  • The Gilbert kick return. My Lord. I saw him make a juke at the 20 and I saw a massive hole because he was running right at us. There was a mild block in the back and my heart just sank because I knew it was going to get called (and should have been) but then he just kept coming. I looked at Brett to my right and screamed “no flags” and then looked back at the field to see him cross their kicker over at the 50. I looked back at the 20 one last time to check for laundry, saw nothing, and just started screaming “no flags! no flags! no flags!” at the top of my lungs and started sprinting the aisle looking for people to hug before he even reached the endzone. My hat ended up 2 rows in front of me. My phone flew out of my jacket. I lost my mind for about 10 seconds. I love Justin Gilbert.
  • The funniest thing I heard all night was from my boy, Nolo, who, before the onside kick, said, “would you be surprised if we got this, scored, Brotzman’d the extra point, and lost in overtime?” My response, “No.”
  • Nobody should be making “if Blackmon wasn’t injured…” excuses. It is what it is. We lined it up against them and they won. I hate it as much as anybody.
  • At least we kept Broyles from winning the Biletnikoff too?

Last note:

As we were walking out of the stadium, Nolo said, “I feel like I’ve seen this game 20 times and I’ve only been a fan for 5 years…” You have Nolo, you have…and if you live long enough, you’ll see it another 200.

It was just the same old Bedlam.

Shame on me for thinking it was going to be different.

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