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Several AP Voters Have OSU Ranked Inside Top 10, One Inside Top Five

OSU has some big believers in Big 12 circles and beyond.



The AP Top 25 poll came out Sunday with OSU holding steady at No. 12, and boy oh boy do some voters think highly of the Pokes.

The full voting history was released as well on Sunday and it revealed that several voters have OSU in their top 10 and one has OSU in their top five (!). That one is Kellis Robinett, who as a Kansas State beat writer for the Kansas City Star has already seen OSU firsthand.

Pac-12 insider Jon Wilner is high on OSU as well. He has them at No. 6 in his latest ballot, as does West Virginia writer Ryan Pritt. Meanwhile, Robbie Faulk, Aaron McMann and many others put the Pokes in their top 10.

It’s not wild to put a 5-0 team inside the top five, but it does seem revealing that the one voter who did go that far is one of the only voters who has actually seen OSU play up close and personal this season. If OSU wins this weekend on the road against Texas to improve to 6-0, I’d expect that will likely become more commonplace among voters who may be skeptical about the resume to date. For now, it’s a good sign that OSU has already bought some believers in Big 12 circles and those even outside the region are seeing the potential this team has as a top-10 team.


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