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Six-Shooter: Ever-Entertaining Ramon Richards Talks Thrills, Chills



Welcome to the Six-Shooter, a weekly segment with an Oklahoma State athlete where we ask six random, non-sports-related questions to get to know these athletes a bit better.

We didn’t have a ton of time on Monday, but we did find senior safety Ramon Richards who is probably the biggest entertainer on the Oklahoma State football team. He was a great candidate to go through the Six-Shooter and gave us some great responses.

Here is what he said.

What was your first car?

The Warrior. Ask anybody on the football team. It’s a Saturn, maroon, 2003. And it is The Warrior. That’s what it is.

Biggest fear?

Honestly, I don’t even know. Oh, drowning to death.

Badge or brand?

OSU. The brand.

Who are some of your best friends on the team?

Oooh. Malik Kearse, Bryce Brown, Landon Wolf. Those are my three right there. Those are my top three.

What is the time you felt most alive?

When I got my first interception at Texas Tech, my freshman year.

Best thing that could possibly happen to you outside of football?

Hit the lotto! Hit the lotto! Yes, sir!

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