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Social Media Reacts to OSU’s Comeback Win over Texas

The best from OSU Twitter after a gutsy win.



If it could go wrong for OSU in the first half, it went wrong. But the Cowboys made halftime adjustments, clawed back from a two-score deficit and found a way to make the plays to win as a higher-ranked home underdog.

As you could imagine, both OSU players, fans and national talking heads weighed in during and after the Cowboys’ comeback win. Here’s some of the best to come across my timeline from OSU’s win over Texas.

Boogie had a big day.

Quinn did not.

OSU’s defense had no answer for Bijan in the first half.


The clock management at the end of the first half was, questionable.

The 14-zip penalty discrepancy is going to be a storyline whether you like it or not.

I mean, RG3 would know.

Prayers for Jay Tay.

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