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Social Media Roundup: Larry Reece’s Birthday, Men’s Basketball Staying Alive, OSU Cancels Class and More



It’s Friday which means it’s time for this week’s social media roundup! The Feb. 23rd  edition contains fun Photoshops of Larry Reece for his birthday, highlights from basketball’s upset over No. 6 Texas Tech, and even more tweets from Mike Gundy. (Insert weekly statement about Gundy being amazing.) Hope you enjoy!

Happy Presidents’ Day

I tossed this one up to T. Boone himself and he delivered! I wonder how many COOPs it would take to get the real answer out of him? ??

The Voice of the Cowboys

A happy belated birthday to Larry Reece from all of PFB! Thank you Twitter for these Photoshops.

OSU Coaches vs. Cancer

OSU Coaches vs Cancer had an event in GIA this week: here are some pictures.

Michael “Big Daddy” Gundy

A little background here: a Texas A&M assistant coach caused a stir on Twitter about the SEC (and ACC) being the best football conference hands down, and both Gundy brothers weighed in on it.

I’m choosing to believe Gundy is actually tweeting and not an assistant, until the truth comes out.

This was really, really cool. I couldn’t find any pics of the three of them, but I’m sure it was a special night for all.

Oklahoma State Upsets No. 6 Texas Tech

It’s been our pleasure, Kansas. ??

Does anyone understand this team?!

Vincent Taylor Recognize

I’ve watched this video on a loop for 5 solid minutes. Don’t really have anything to add, but it’s captivating.

OSU Cancels Classes on Thursday

All of the court stormings.

During the pregame Coach Boynton was shaking students’ hands and thanking them for braving the elements to support the team.

One Final Tweet

I don’t have a funny video to leave you with today, but here’s a little promo to get you pumped for football season. ???

Work. Compete. Win. ?? #okstate #GoPokes

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