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Spencer Sanders Backs Taylor Cornelius: ‘[He’s] Doing One Heck of a Job’

Sanders is standing behind the 6-6 Oil Baron.



There are (and likely will always be) a faction of the fan base that will always pine for the backup to become the starter. It’s an inherent part of college football, that fans are never satisfied with whatever is in front of them. Or at least most times.

One fan openly expressed that opinion Tuesday on Twitter, replying to an article from The Oklahoman’s Nathan Ruiz that Dru Brown and Spencer Sanders have both been impressive in practice by calling for OSU’s true freshman to start.

Sanders responded to the tweet he was tagged in and, instead of an ominous retweet, he threw his support behind QB1: “Thanks man but you gotta give credit where credit is due,” Sanders tweeted. “Corns doin one heck of a job out there.”

I’m no expert at building football programs (I can barely help manage a blog!), but this, I believe, is what experts would define as #culture. Maybe in Sanders’ mind he’s the best QB of the four candidates when it comes to playing time, but Twitter isn’t the place for expressing that opinion. Had he agreed with a “well actually, I agree I’m better,” he’d probably be on the stairmaster until November. Instead he downplayed it like a vet.

As for the aforementioned article from Ruiz, it sounds as if both Brown and Sanders are making real strides. On their progression, OSU OC Mike Yurcich says it’s been, “Really good, really good.”

Only time will tell if either will be thrust into game action — or if either will be ready.

“I don’t know yet,” Gundy said. “We’ll have to wait till we practice this week and see where they’re at. They’re getting a little better each week.”