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The best of Mike Gundy’s press conference on TCU

Gundy on Walsh, TCU, Weeden’s speed, and a “back at it”!



Here were my favorite parts of the Mike Gundy press conference on Monday afternoon…

0:10 — A “back at it”!!

Side note: I really, really like the polo he’s wearing.

1:25 — “They’re as good and as physical a defense as anyone we’ve seen up to this point.”

1:54 — “We lost three receivers for the last game so it limited our ability to play fast.”

2:36 — “[JW’s] play has been similar as what it was last year.”

Pretty awkward exchange starting at 2:45…Gundy is Les Miles-ing, I think.

4:47 — “They’re pretty simple but they do it at a fast pace and they’ve been successful at it for a number of years.” (TCU defense)

7:55 — “That’s why I don’t let [Jeremy Smith] talk to y’all that much” !!!

8:40 — “The future for coaches is a nightmare but for fans it will be a heck of a deal.”

9:01 — Lot of struggle to enunciate “susceptible.” Twice.

9:43 — “If you have a quarterback who’s getting ready to play in the NFL you can overcome a lot of deficiencies.” I think Gundy makes really good points on NFL-type QBs.

10:45 — On NFL QBs: “There are only 90 of ’em in the world.”

11:03 — “When you play in a college football game and you have an NFL-ready QB, you’re a different team.”

12:30 — “Most teams go as their quarterback goes based on his availability with what he can do in the game.”

12:50 — “We’re running the same plays we’ve run here the last four years. [Clint and JW] run the same plays.”

14:35 — “I feel like this is the best defense we’ve had.”

15:31 — “[Ben Grogan] seems to be very stable mentally.” I would hope so!

17:05 — You don’t want Brandon Weeden running the zone read. “That’s correct.”

17:25 — “We only have about eight schemes. The end results make it look a lot better.”

18:30 — “Weeden will do good, he just need to hang tight, get some guys around him.”

19:00 — “I think college football is supposed to be played during the day. I like to play during the day.” Does not care, STUDENTS!

19:12 — Gundy talks about the Jenks pic he took and takes a rip at SI — it’s a pretty spectacular exchange.

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