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The OSU basketball team’s first tweets

What was the first thing your favorite player said on Twitter?



I admit, I stole this idea from Royce because it is a good idea.

Here are the first tweets of everyone on Oklahoma State’s basketball team including our fearless leader.

Travis Ford

No exclamation marks? I do not know this man.

Marcus Smart

Not sure what #blunch is but pretty boring.

Markel Brown


Phil Forte

Just trying to figure out something that isn’t shooting a three.

Le’Bryan Nash

No comment.

Kamari Murphy

Kinda true.

Brian Williams

Sorta like this season.

Christien Sager

Good old Wet Wet Pierre.

Mike Cobbins


Mason Cox

Yep, sounds about right.

Alex Budke

Pretty strong first tweet.

Marek Soucek

I do not understand.

Leyton Hammonds


Jeffrey Carroll

Applicable for today, too.

Ford Stuen

It is poppin.

And here is mine — I went Tiger.

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