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The Rundown: Boynton Talks Balance in Recruiting, Newcomers Before Practice

The best of what Boynton had to say.



STILLWATER — Year 3 under Mike Boynton is already starting with a lot more promise than how Year 2 ended.

A big reason for that is the 15 players practicing compared to the depleted roster Boynton had at the end of last season. On Monday, Boynton met with the media for the first time since Oklahoma State’s official 2019-20 practices began. Here is a list of what he had to say.

• “I told our team every day we’re able to put together another really good practice is an opportunity to separate ourselves from the pack. Because what you find is, Sept. 24, or whenever everybody can start practice, there are roughly 320 teams who have really good practices. The other 35 have no chance already, but every day as you go along, there are less teams having really good practices. One of our goals is to be consistently one of those teams that as we go through the year have really good practices. We think it’ll translate to some success during the season.”

• On how he balances time in recruiting and his current squad in this time before the early signing period: “I’m really thankful that when I arrived here, the airport right here in town was opening for commercial service. There is a flight leaving here at 6:18. I’ll be on it tonight after practice. That’s how you find balance. You do it all as often as you can. Just try to be diligent with it.

“We’re really close to the finish line with some guys who we’ve been on for quite some time, and now is not the time to let go of the rope.”

• The newcomers are starting to understand things more, but there is still room to go.

• On Chris Harris, who has cut about 20 pounds since getting to town: “I’ve known Chris since he was a freshman in high school and watched his evolution as a basketball player, but also watched him battle the conditioning aspect of things. That’s one of the first conversations we had when we reengaged the recruiting process with him about being able to come in and take goals by the horn and run with it. Some of it just comes off pretty naturally when you start conditioning and training every day like you do here. Then making the conscious choices in what you decide to eat, that’s gotta be a vital part to it.”

• Among the newcomers, Avery Anderson has had “a consistent impact on practice.” It still needs to slow down for him, but he has been good on both ends.

• Cannen Cunningham has been good in his first official practices as an assistant coach. “He’s kind of got a reserved personality, but he is really, really bright. He understands the game. He’s got a great feel for A, what big guys need in terms of development. But also, he’s still young enough he can get out there and show them some things.”

• The team has been fine with the new 3-point line.

• Walk-ons Dee Mitchell and J.K. Hadlock earned the right to come back after joining from the open tryout last season. The two sacrificed their summers to stay around and train with the team.

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