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The Six Best Quotes From the Oklahoma State UTSA game



Oklahoma State rolled over UTSA on Saturday afternoon in Boone Pickens Stadium. I bailed early after posting my 10 thoughts to show Mrs. Pistols a night on the town down here in Dallas so I’m just now catching up on some of the postgame quotes. Kyle Boone, by the way, did a great job wrapping everything up from the 69-14 blowout.

Here are the six best from the game.

Mike Gundy on why the run game worked

“They played their safeties a little deeper than the teams we played in the first couple of games, and that allowed us a little more running room on certain plays. We still have a lot of improvement in that area, but I think that we made some movement in the right direction.”

Mike Gundy on UTSA

“It doesn’t always work that way, but I still believe this was the best team we have played up to this point. I go back to Central Michigan, and I think their quarterback was really, really good. From top to bottom, though, if you look at UTSA, they look like a real team. Their guys are the same size as a lot of the players in our league. They have good skill. They recruit in the state of Texas, and they’ve got a lot of players down there. I think this was the best team and we were able to jump on them.”

Mike Gundy on how OSU looks going into the Big 12

“Well, I feel better than I did during the first couple of weeks. We were able to execute today, and that gets me back to forcing turnovers. When you force turnovers, it just makes such a difference, especially at home.”

Glenn Spencer on sharks (maybe)

“It’s been a while since we’ve had a day like that. I’ve been laboring and sweating it out. I’ve been stressing for us to cause them and for us to get them was one of those exhale moments. Hopefully those things are contagious and hopefully that keeps some blood in the water and it’ll make them crave it more. So we’ll just keep attacking like we always have.”

Glenn Spencer on his squad forcing seven TOs

“They kept coming after the coach. ‘Coach that’s three.’ ‘Coach that’s four.’ ‘Coach that’s five.’ I said ‘I know, I’m watching the game too.’ But it’s important to them, and they know how bad we all wanted them, so I was proud of them there.”

Larry Coker on his team

“Not a lot of good today from the Roadrunners … we were just a bad football team today. That’s about all I can say.”

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