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Thoughts on College GameDay

What a week in Stillwater. GameDay on Saturday was fantastic.



Here are some thoughts from Kirk, Herbs, and the gang being in Stillwater this morning…

• Herbie opened with this: “I don’t now what it is about Stillwater but I’ve been here twice in the last three years and there have been two earthquakes.”

• Corso gave 90 Baylor students a shoutout for traveling 700 miles over 32 hours. Fowler responded: “Were they traveling by stagecoach?” Which was an all-time response. But really, Corso, 90 students? That was impressive? If it’s a 100-student school, then sure, but..

• Is Josh Holliday just chillin’ at GameDay? It sure looks like it. That’s pretty awesome.

• Weeeeeeak.

• We talk about it a lot but Chris Fowler’s job is better than your job (and my job). College GameDay, all four tennis Grand Slams, World Cup. That’s an embarrassment of riches.

• Desmond’s response to Pete’s gun going off was pretty great. “Hey, you guys stop that back there.”

• Have mercy, Mike.

• Gundy’s interview with Tom Rinaldi was hilarious. On doing the Gundy in the locker room: “I’ve gone viral a few times” and “I wake up pretty sore the next day.” Whatevs.

• Haha, yup.

• Has anyone ever had an injury via the Wisconsin-Minnesota ax? That seems like a dangerous prize for a rivalry game.

• This was fantastic (h/t 30FPS).


• I want to listen to Lee Corso try to pronounce “Maty Mauk” forever.

• That’s so amazing.

• Chris Fowler said: “They get those paddles, they whack ’em on the wall there” when talking about the Paddle People.

• Paul Finebaum thinks last year should factor into who plays for the national title this year so that seems reasonable.

• To the grown man in the front row with the green and gold pom-poms. Keep Bayloring.

• Yup.

• Matty Quade texted me with a good question about halfway through the show: Where’s Sam Ponder?

• The 75th anniversary sign amid all the written signage was pretty awesome.

• Fowler went from a “Corso — will you shotgun a beer with me” sign to the Ole Miss-Missouri game like a BOSS. “Speaking of adult beverages, let’s talk about Oxford….”

• I was really impressed with the turnout by OSU fans. It was cold as a rapper war and you guys showed up in droves with some quality signs. Enjoy yourselves today.

• This was awesome.

• Corso said he thought OSU would “have to be very lucky to stay in this game.” Hmmm…I know Baylor’s the real deal but “very lucky?” Did Gundy pay him for some late-week bulletin board material?

• My gosh, that Art Briles piece on his parents dying was insane. ESPN does it best and Briles told a great, if not terribly sad, story.

• Haha.

• Smart doing the JFF “give me more money” (as Uncle Verne calls it) sign on the GameDay set was incredible. Here it is (via Matt Amilian):

• I know I already mentioned Fowler (I’m a fanboy) but his ability to quarterback that set and translate what Corso says to everyone plus troll teams like Wake Forest is just incredible.

• Lee Corso picked Oklahoma State and before you get mad about the Corso Curse, remember that he has a 7-game headgear winning streak.

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