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Three-Man Weave: Let’s Talk — What Else? — Quarterbacks

Taylor Cornelius, Dru Brown or Spencer Sanders? Let’s jam on each for a while.



Kyle, Kyle and Kyle talked QB, QB and QB on Friday in front of OSU’s Week 2 tilt with the red, white and blue of USA. We tried to keep it fun, lighthearted and intriguing as OSU tries to figure out what it has behind center going forward. Hope you guys enjoy.

Kyle Porter: Much has been said about the Oklahoma State QB situation. Here’s my question for you guys: Is Taylor Cornelius in real trouble as QB1 if he plays against S. Alabama like he did against Missouri State?

Kyle Cox: “Real trouble” might be a strong term. If it were up to the fanbase, he might be benched after his first missed read. But since it’s up to Mike Gundy, I still think he’d have to have a pretty bad game to see the pine before Boise State.

KP: I thought Gundy’s most fascinating quote about the whole thing was when he preached patience in his Monday pressure and then said he’s the one that he was preaching to! That might have been an unintentional peek behind the curtain, even though I think he really wants TC to be the dude for all 13 games.

Kyle Boone: I think Cornelius’ playing time as QB1 will be threatened if he doesn’t bounce back with a respectable showing on Saturday. He could have the same stat line as he did in Game 1, but if the lapses in judgement with errant passes and numerous misses happen again, it’s fair to expect another QB to earn reps.

KC: I’m somewhere in between where I was before Mizzou St (cautiously optimistic) and the Dru Brown truthers. I think Gundy goes into Saturday planning on riding with the Baron, but with an eye on the pine.

KP: What did you guys think of Mark Cooper tossing the Daxx Garman comp out there to me and Carson (if you heard it)? I don’t think he was comparing Dru and Daxx, only saying that we’re so willing to crown the next guy …

KB: I think the Daxx comp is apt. Because both Dru Brown and Spencer Sanders come with their own wave of hype, there are people who will be restless until they see what they can do on Saturdays, fair or not.

KC: It was a good point. The unknown is always more exciting. There are plenty of those us that were excited about #DaxxsArm.

KP: The other thing that nobody is really discussing is that OSU might not actually need a great, playmaking QB this year. They might just need somebody to not freak out when the air gets a little thin. I guess the problem with that is that it’s the very thing I felt like TC sort of struggled with. But I also think in the long term he’s not going to make the mistakes a Brown or a Sanders would.

I know Boone likes that take. Loaded at skill positions. Underrated with young performers on defense. Let Bundage win you a Big 12 title.

KB: I generally agree with that. On Gundy’s radio show this week, Dave Hunziker asked if he thought it was one of the more complete OSU teams he’s fielded. Gundy didn’t explicitly say no, but he went position by position and kind of reasoned why that take makes sense. The only notable unknowns are safety because of youth and QB because no one knows how good Cornelius is yet.

KC: I know that we are all ready to use this South Bama game to give us a definite answer on TC’s viability, but I think we might be disappointed. I can see him having a similar stat line (as Boone noted) and maybe missing some throws or with a boneheaded play thrown in, and nothing really is settled.

KP: Good point on the USA game, Cox. I think even in my mind I’ve set it up as this ultimatum because CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF AND ON BEHALF OF CROOKED BLOGGERS ALL OVER THE GLOBE I don’t really feel like belaboring a QB battle or controversy for the next three months.

KC: It was much easier when we knew whose hand size we could make fun of next October.

KP: Do you guys trust Gundy when it comes to QB decisions?

KC: That’s a hard maybe, sorta, kinda. I think he gets a little too much blame for the Cate/Weeden stuff and maybe not enough for the Lunt/Chelf/Walsh stuff. And that doesn’t take into account that you don’t really know what you have in a guy until the lights come on. I think if we went around the country, you would see the same he started over who?!?! debates in every fanbase.

KB: I think Gundy takes a more long view on things, whereas fans are perpetually in a THIS IS THE BEST DECISION DO IT NOW mode. Playing Spencer Sanders or Dru Brown *might* be better for the present, but maybe in Gundy’s estimation it’s only marginally better compared to Cornelius. So maybe Gundy’s taking the extra years of eligibility for Sanders/Brown and shelving marginally better for down the road. All of that to say … I think he’s earned the benefit of the doubt with his track record, despite some past questionable QB decision-making.

KP: Do you think Sanders or Brown are marginally better than TC?

KB: That’s not what I personally believe. But if I’m asked about Gundy’s thought process at QB, maybe that’s what he believes based off what he’s gathered so far. After all, Brown and Sanders have only been on campus for like a month.

If it were my choice, Spencer Sanders would already have a statue erected on the west side of Boone Pickens Stadium.

KC: It will be right next to Gundy’s, just six inches shorter and 12 inches back, with a fishing pole and the keys to Gundy Ranch. And Barry still won’t have one.

KP: Final one: Who do we see this weekend?

KC: Cornelius and Brown, then Wudtee.

KB: Cornelius and Brown only.

KC: I’m coming over to the side that Gundy wants to see which linemen Brown can see over. He waits until CornDog is up big so he can deny any controversy. Then Brown goes in.

KP: I think we see Cornelius and Wudtee only.

KB: Zero idea. If it was Central Arkansas next weekend, I’d say Corn and Wudtee. But I have to think OSU wants to know what it has in Brown if Cornelius tosses three first half INT’s against Boise State or something wild.

KC: 100 percent agree, we are all sure that Gundy wants to keep Brown and Sanders redshirt in tact if possible, but there’s obviously a preference. Brown’s is much cheaper and Sanders is staying on ice unless all hell breaks loose. That being said, Mr. Texas Football will probably start the third quarter Saturday.

KP: At this point I legitimately expect OSU to go 9-3 this year with a mildly above average TC buoyed by all its studs and for Sanders to start next year and perform like Russell Wilson for three straight years while Gundy does the whole “well he wasn’t that good in practice!” routine and all we can talk about is how OSU could have won the Big 12 that one year …

KB: Hahaha, I definitely would not be surprised at that. Or anything. But I feel kind of shameful that the only two QBs I have a lot of confidence in haven’t taken a snap for OSU this year.

KP: I meant for that to sound hyperbolic but it actually kinda doesn’t.

KC: I can see the Gundy smirk now.

KP: Hahaha same.



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