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Three on ESPN 300



The new ESPN 300 list[1. Akin to 247’s aptly named list of 247 college players or the Rivals 100] came out at the the end of last week and OSU has a trio of future players on it.

Fred Ross Jr., one of the numerous four-star wideouts headed to Stillwater next fall, leads the way at #167[2. Nobody is on the more widely used/known ESPN 150 list…which means absolutely nothing].

Second is Marcell Ateman, which at 6’5 193 lbs. seems like something he needs to be doing more of (tip your waitresses, please).

Vincent Taylor rounds[3. I use that word cautiously given the tremor with which I stare at his recruiting picture, I mean this is not someone I want pissed about something I wrote on this blog] out the list at #268.

Interesting to note that OU, Texas, and Baylor (!) have a combined 14 players ranked ahead of OSU’s number one guy. For the millionth time, that’s not a huge deal but at the same time you’d probably like to see somebody committed to OSU inside the top 150 at least.

Anybody else kind of bummed ESPN is shutting down its high school operations? Seems like they do a pretty job with this stuff and you don’t have sort through hundreds of anatomically-enhancing product text ads like you do over at Scout and to a lesser extent Rivals.

Maybe you like the anatomically-enhancing product text ads though.

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