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The time Matthew McConaughey punched Desmond Mason in the nuts

Hank Haney and George Strait were both involved.



Desmond Mason was on the Zach McCrite Show recently and told pretty much the most amazing story of all time.

Mason was playing basketball in Mexico with a bunch of celebrities and Matthew McConaughey got involved and tried to body up Mason.[1. McConaughey playing pickup is not something I ever want to smell.] “He’s crazy, he’s off his rocker, but he’s an attention guy,” said Mason.

“I can look at his movements and tell he can play zero basketball,” said Mason. He talked about jab-stepping him and driving for a dunk before McConaughey started going at him.

“His physical is not really physical to me,” said Mason.

It all ended with Mason banging on him pretty hard and then dunking all over him, and McConaughey responding with a punch in the nuts (!) to Mason.

Then Mason was ready to throw down.

“He ran, let’s put it that way,” said Mason. Somehow Hank Haney and George Strait both got involved and the whole thing is just incredible.

It starts at the 25:15 mark above and it ends with a Nate Erdmann (bottom right) reference.

This is why sports blogs exist, by the way.

h/t Weston Shepherd

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