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Travis Ford’s Big 12 road record is awful

12-36 on the road in conference play…



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

A lot of people were tweeting at me yesterday wondering what Ford’s career winning percentages are for a number of different categories, so here we go. Btw, “on the road” just means “games not in GIA.”

Travis Ford

Overall: 120-72 (.625)
On the road: 51-61 (.455)
At home: 69-11 (.862)
Big 12: 48-47 (.505)
Big 12 road games: 12-36 (.250)
Big 12 home games: 36-11 (.765)

For reference….

Eddie Sutton

Overall: 368-151 (.709)
On the road: 176-126 (.583)
At home: 192-25 (.885)
Big 8/12: 153-90 (.629)
Big 8/12 road games: 55-66 (.454)
Big 8/12 home games: 98-24 (.803)

Eddie was a mastermind in GIA. We never lost there under him. Ford has actually put up shockingly similar numbers (it doesn’t feel like it, does it?)

On the road is where they differed. Eddie was a decent 55-66 on the road in the Big 8/12 and Ford has been an abomination at 12-36. How did we beat KU in Lawrence (almost twice??)

The biggest thing for me is just how these numbers are trending under Ford. He’s not getting better. It would be one thing if we were really bad for 2-3 years on the road in the Big 12 but we’re 1-5 and a Markel prayer from being 0-6.

That doesn’t cut it.

It’s probably unfair to hold Ford up to the Eddie standard but even without it you can’t be 12-36 on the road in the Big 12. We’ll look at Ford compared to the other 22 coaches who have coached in the Big 12 against him tomorrow.

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