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Tuesday Poll: Who Will Back Up Justice Hill?



For as much as we’ve talked about cornerbacks this fall, I think running backs are where the most interesting position race is. Obviously Justice Hill will return to the No. 1 slot, but who will be the No. 2 guy? On Monday, Mike Gundy addressed the issue at the Cowboy Caravan in Tulsa.

“We really like those two freshmen,” Gundy told folks in attendance, according to Go Pokes. “We will end up playing one of those guys, we just don’t know which yet. They are very durable. J.D. played football in the Atlanta area and he is used to the physical abuse that position will take.

“Chuba is really fast and in the next four years could run on the Canadian National (Track) Team in sprints. He is a little behind because he played a different game (of football) than we play. The truth is the guys up there (Canada) chasing him weren’t as fast as they guys down here … That is going to be a special position for us over the next four years.”

So with that in mind, who do you think will back up Justice this season?

Your comments and thoughts will be posted tomorrow in our results.

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