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UCA Coach on Oklahoma State: ‘They’re Not an Overly-Complicated Offense’



I love this guy. Steve Campbell is the head coach of Central Arkansas and he (sort of) breaks down Oklahoma State in his weekly radio show (that looks like it’s being held in his office).

Skip ahead to 22:05 to see him talk about the Pokes. He calls David Glidden OSU’s “go-to guy” (that first deep slant from Brandon Sheperd is going to be a wake-up call, eh?) and talks about the OSU offense.

“They’re a zone, zone, zone and pop a power every now and then. And then try to take their shots deep. They’re not an overly-complicated offense. They’re not trying to out-trick you or anything like that. They’re going to hand the football off to that good back and pound it in there.”

Maybe he’s right — maybe this is just who we are and what we’re going to be.

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