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Here’s the last video from OSU’s overseas trip. One thing I took away from this little trip (other than Markel becoming a better shooter *could* be the secret password into the NCAA this season) is that OSU should go to baggy t-shirts under its uniforms.

Look, we’re not going to out-intimidate anyone–we have two post players, one is built like a popsicle stick and the other like Dirk fell into a bucket of cookie dough–so we might as well just say “eff it, let’s throw it back.” Brian Williams already has it going on and the orange under black looks outstanding.

Keith Van Horn can be the prototype, and now we don’t have to worry about shooting 150 times a game, running the score up, taking cheap shots at great teams, and generally holding a slam dunk contest every home game at GIA.

See, the baggy undershirt says “I just don’t care anymore, I’m pretty much yanking it every time I get it and nobody’s going to stop me.” Regular sleeveless jerseys just say “we’re a mediocre to below average Big 12 team and we’re not going anywhere.”

The baggy Ts give us an identity, something Ford hasn’t developed yet.

You laugh now, but when we see Phil Forte on Uni Watch in three months with an orange Hanes down to his wrists flicking fireballs off his right hand, you’ll thank me.

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