Watch: Brandon Averette Submits Dunk of the Year Nominee Against Charlotte

Written by Kyle Porter

Brandon Averette is listed at 5’11 in the Oklahoma State media guide. Brandon Averette is probably not 5’11. And yet he dunked on Charlotte (and possibly the entire state of North Carolina) on Monday in GIA.

I have no words to describe how insane this was to watch live. Apparently neither did anyone for OSU.

Allison Gappa asked one of the managers if Averette had ever done something like this before in practice. His response: “We have never seen anything like that (from him).”

He has apparently been watching Davon Dillard film. Goodness. The closer you get the more impressive this becomes. This guy is OSU’s backup point guard!

“I saw an open lane, and I wanted to be as aggressive as possible,” Averette said after the game. “I knew he was going to try and contest it at the rim so I just tried to go up aggressive. I want to come out and give everybody energy and impact the game on both sides of the floor.”