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WATCH: Dillon Stoner Completes TD Pass To James Washington Late In 4th Against CMU



Before the complete madness to end the game, Mike Gundy decided to put freshman Dillon Stoner in as QB on 4th down from the Central Michigan two yard line with OSU trailing 24-20 late in the 4th quarter. What is he doing, I thought.

Then Stoner flipped a pass to James Washington for the go-ahead score, and my heart slowed down. I guess that’s why he makes $3.6 million a year, I thought. Then the end of the game happened and I wondered why he made even $3,600.

Gundy rocking a mullet and rolling a true freshman out there with the entire season on the line in Week 2 to run out of the wildcat formation is as Gundy as it gets though. Man, this would have been a sweet game-winner.

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