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Watch: Kirk Herbstreit Calls for Mike Gundy to Cut his Mullet



Kirk Herbstreit has had it with Mike Gundy’s mullet. On Saturday in his weekly appearance on College Gameday, the famous CFB analyst called for him to cut it, saying he’s had enough of it and all the publicity that he’s got from it.

“I’ve just had enough of Mike Gundy’s hair,” Herbstreit said. “It’s taken on a life of its own. We need to have a little party, and we need to put it on TV and we need to cut the hair.”


Whooo, that Herbie guy sure seems fun at parties! He wasn’t done with his mullet rant, either.

“It started out kind of fun, and now we just need to get the clippers out,” Herbstreit continued. “I love Mike, I just think its taken on a life of its own.”

I’m sure Gundy will see this while scrolling his Twitter feed, Herb, but I highly doubt this critique will make him change his stance on the always-flowing Arkansas Waterfall.

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