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Watch: Mike Gundy Does Hilarious Impersonation of LSU Coach Ed Orgeron



During Mike Gundy’s recent trip to ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn., the OSU head coach made headlines for his mullet talk segment with Barry Melrose. But that’s not the only entertainment content he churned out.

While he was in town, Gundy also took part in a segment called “College football coaches do Coach O impressions”—where, you guessed it: College coaches impersonate LSU head coach Ed Orgeron. Mike Gundy was among the last in the 57-second clip to show off his Coach O impression, but it might’ve been one of the better ones.

Special shoutout to Duke’s David Cutcliffe for the effort—(“Hey, Jo Jo!” absolutely killed me)—and also to Kliff Kingsbury and Lincoln Riley for being too cool for school.

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