Watch: Mike Gundy Plays Saxophone in Valentine’s Day Basketball Promo

Written by Kyle Porter

Mike Gundy is like a modern swiss army knife of talents. Purveyor of tremendous hair, hunter of magnificent reptiles and (apparently) player of shiny metal instruments if this latest promo video is to be believed.

Gundy tried his hand at the saxophone to help promote the Oklahoma State-Kansas State game at 6 p.m. on Wednesday in GIA. It was, well, it was incredible. The best part (pretty easily) was Gundy going as bass as he could to say “see you in Gallagher.”

He’s not the only one trying to get folks out for the contest, either.

  • Dkurt

    Fantastic–a real Cowboy legend!!

    • Alum in AZ

      Very fun. I don’t remember anything like this from back in school. Don’t think it could have been done without the social media platforms we’re using today. Either that or Pat Jones just refused to pick up a saxophone or wear a singlet.

      • Darth

        Well now I can’t stop picturing that, thanks.

        • Bettie

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      • Amber Hinkle

        He was rude like that. #funhater LOL

      • Zombie Willham

        Jim Stanley in my day. Also not good.

      • Matt Cox

        Always enjoyed listening to Pat Jones, and he’s become even more fun in retirement as a radio/TV commentator. Glad he returned to Oklahoma after he was done coaching.

        • Alum in AZ

          I liked him as a coach and what little I hear of him as a commentator (I have to work at it being out here in Arizona and what not). One of my pet peeves about this site (about my only one) is making fun of Pat Jones as characterizing him as a “run it up the middle” coach. Maybe in the probation years, but not in mid-80’s…

          • Matt Cox

            Same here, I’m in Houston now. My Dad always calling from OK telling me stuff Pat has done/said.

  • StillOriginal

    Gundy at it again!

  • JG

    He should be out of town recruiting instead of making dumb videos.

    • Pokefan88

      I thought the video was great. #funhater

    • Bramos

      You should get back to your job instead of commenting

      • JG

        I don’t have a job…I went to OU

      • Zombie Willham

        He’s a Russian bot on break from pumping up Ghostbusters 2017 on blu-ray.

    • Darth

      You think this won’t be tweeted to every 2019 and 2020 recruit?

      • JG

        Oh man…I would hope not. He does these shenanigans frequently, and they haven’t helped recruiting so far ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • SingingCowboy

      Uh… isn’t there currently an NCAA mandated dead period for recruiting?

    • Adam Lunt

      It’s a quiet period for recruiting until April 14th. But if you’d prefer he commit a NCAA violation in lieu of spending 45 minutes making a video to assist the basketball team, that’s totally understandable.

  • Chris

    It works on more than than two tickets if anyone was wondering. The minimum is two and additional tickets are also $5.

  • T-Bone

    Gundy is an excellent sax player. He does it all without even moving his fingers. That is an amazing embouchure skill

  • That. Is. The. Greatest!!!! I’m speechless…

    • JG

      Calm down Gundy fan

      • Go away #funhater

        • JG

          You support a coach who makes 5 million a year, that can’t win his own conference or beat his in-state rival when it matters. I like winning, winning is fun. So who is the real fun hater?

          • Ok, so…again…go away then.

          • David

            Add to that block list!

          • Wayne from Forty One

            ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? The Gullet strikes again

  • David


  • Philo Farnsworth

    I’ve been critical of Gundys decisions in the past & I’m sure I’ll have complaints moving forward but its stuff like this that makes me glad hes the head coach of OSU football…

  • Tyler Davis

    Gundy got a shout out on the Sportscenter Snapchat Story today as well. If you haven’t seen it, it is right at the end of the story.