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Watch: Mike Gundy Talks About Farming



This segment Fox put together for the lead-up to the Tulsa game was spectacular. Chad Whitener, James Washington and QB1 talked about their head guy and his hair.

“Probably let it go for a while,” said Gundy. “The reason I cut it is because it was ponytail potential. I think the players kind of like it so if they want me to let it go, I’ll let it go.”

Then he got into farming. One of my all-time favorite Gundy tidbits remains the part in Jimmie Tramel’s piece from a few years ago about Gundy riding his tractor down Highway 51.

When you’re the head coach of a Division I football program, responsibilities are never-ending. When Mike can sit on one of his tractors and clear land or mow, it is “complete meditation” for him, according to Kristen.

She recalled driving her family into Stillwater for a tractor purchase. Mike and the boys drove the tractor home from the dealership, going five miles per hour with Kristen following them in a hazard-lights-flashing car.

She said Mike has two tractors and is showing interest in another. [Tulsa World]

“I’m actually a pretty good farmer,” Gundy told Fox. “I have lots of animals on my farm. We have almost 100 sheep, we’ve got goats, we’ve got peacocks, we’ve got chickens, we’ve got turkeys, we’ve got desert turtles.”

I’d say we definitely have at least one goat. Also, I want a weekly show with Dave Hunziker where Gundy talks about being a farmer. Would subscribe.

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