Watch: This OSU Hype Video Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Written by Kyle Boone

Expectations for the 2017 season are arguably the highest they’ve ever been in the program’s history.

With Mason Rudolph and James Washington leading the charge, it’s Big 12 title or bust for the Cowboys, who ended the 2016 season with a shellacking of Colorado in the Alamo Bowl.

If you aren’t already fired up about what this season might bring, this hype video should be exactly what you need to help bridge the 21 days between now and the start of football season.

  • StillOriginal

    Orange Power Studios is quite amazing.

    • Mylin

      I don’t think they did it…? Am I wrong?

      • Matt Belanger

        No, it’s a fan made video that uses a lot of OPS footage

        • Mylin

          Yup. Orange power can’t even get a decent song on their vids. Haha

          • Matt Belanger

            If I’m not mistaken, OPS has to deal with licensing issues, so using a major song would result in a lawsuit.

          • Mylin

            Oh yea, licensing is a tough one., that’s understandable. But there’s lots of free cinematic music out there. Or maybe even find a talented bedroom producer and get he or she to make a little something.

            Don’t get me wrong, I usually enjoy their videos. But this guy always tops them somehow.

  • Clint

    That. Was. Amazing.
    I guess…I couldn’t see the last 45 seconds or so through my blinding tears!! Go Pokes!!

  • James


  • Anti-Nate

    WOW! Let’s do this! I’m so ready!

  • Jane Wehkamp Arthurs


  • Tbeezy

    Music and timing were awesome. Got chills when the drum matched the deep throw to Washington at 1:05

  • GoPokes

    Let’s do this!!!! Yeah babeeeee!!!!!!

  • Tbeezy

    I work on Campus and heard the drum line practicing by Old Central.. I’m so ready on my 3rd time watching this.

  • Trey Dawson
  • Saucy Takes

    Why is it not available anymore to watch

  • Ö

    Didn’t get to watch it. Eas removed by osu for copyright

    • OrangeTuono

      I just watched it. It’s pretty good.

    • Good at Cruitin

      i just watched

  • frankwick

    I hope the players aren’t listening to all this hype.

  • Uncle Pete
  • Tayvl

    It seems to be about 360p resolution. Didn’t finish watching. (But will look for a better copy somewhere else)

  • Paul

    Is it me, or does anyone else’s video end abruptly at 2:18?

    • Alicia Guinn

      Here’s the full video. Much better quality.

  • Glen W. Walker

    Does “Here Comes Bullet!” get new meaning if we’re a dark horse team?

  • RyanO

    That TD by McClesky at 3:18 where he stops on a dime and turns up field against UT is incredible. I feel he is getting overlooked and will be a stud for sure.

  • Brian Copple

    It DID send chills down my spine!! Can’t wait!!

  • Saucy Takes

    Ran through wall

  • Kenny

    Always hyped up and always spin out. #lilbrother4ever

  • Marc Shook

    Anyone have a YouTube link that works for this video???