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We Will Never Forget Shirt



Okay, deep breath, ready for this?

Here you go:

My feelings on this shirt (for sale here) are about as mixed as feelings on a piece of clothing symbolizing a much larger event can possibly get.

I understand what they’re trying to do, really, but to slap a Nike logo on there and get people shilling out cash to wear them…? Agh, I don’t know if I can get behind that.

It’s one thing for a school to make “in memory” shirts and hand them out for free at games (as OSU has done) or even sell them in the bookstore on campus. We see it as being okay even though they’re potentially making a buck off of the exploitation of people’s emotions because our school is retaining the money, they’re holding 10k runs, we’re one family, it’s all good.

But bring in a third party marketer with an alleged history of taking advantage of human beings for its own benefit? Well, it feels a little different.

I want your thoughts though, are you okay with it?

*Also in the shirt description someone should probably edit the term “die-hard” (h/t Zach Gray)

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