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Women’s Challenge for Budke



A few weeks ago, my boy Nolo had a brilliant idea for something we could do to help raise some money for the court being built for Coach Budke.

He said “let’s have a bracket challenge for the women’s tourney and everybody throw in some money. Winner gets an OSU prize to be determined later by Pistolsguy and the rest of the money goes to help fund the Budke court.”

So that’s what we’re doing.

You can fill out your women’s bracket and donate below. I’ll send 100% of the money I don’t spend on the prize (the prize will be small, $20-$30) to the Budke Court fund and I’ll do a little write up post-tourney telling y’all how much we raised for it (our goal is $250 as you can see in the sidebar) and who the winner of the bracket challenge was.

It’s the least we can do this time of year, especially for someone who meant this much to this many people.

I threw in $25 to get it kick-started.

By all means, spread the word too. Twitter, Facebook, email, however you want.

Here’s the bracket challenge: ESPN

And here’s where you can donate:

Obviously there’s some trust going on here: from you that I will indeed send the money and not keep it and buy Justin Blackmon rookie cards…and from me that you won’t enter the challenge without first throwing something (just $1 will do) in the pot. But I think we’ve both earned that trust from each other over the last year or so.

Have a great March Madness.

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