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10 More Thoughts on Texas



Sept 29, 2012; Stillwater, OK, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys reciever Josh Stewart (5) runs after a catch while being defended by the Texas Longhorns during the first half at Boone Pickens Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-US PRESSWIRE

1. We’re gonna shatter the number of white athlete descriptions for a backup quarterback by the time Walsh’s career is over. Already overused (by myself and others): “gamer,” “moxie,” “competitor,” and probably a ton I’m forgetting.

2. Every time I stare at OSU’s field I think “why is Pete’s mustache still green?” Would it be that difficult to throw some black down and be done with it?

3. After Joe Randle’s spiked TD excessive celebration penalty (ridiculous btw), I thought: “has there ever been a college football team that could afford excessive celebration penalties more than OSU?[1. It’s ironic to me that the Texas kick return TD came on the next kick.]” Quinn Sharp would have been OchoCinco’s dream in college.

4. Did it seem to anybody else like Ash either dumped stuff off in the flats or threw it 50 yards downfield? That’s probably by design but it seemed like he barely threw any mid-range passes [remembers 4th and 6 mid-range pass…cries].

5. How about Fox trolling OSU fans with its Aflac trivia question (Who was the last freshman QB to beat Texas – Sam Bradford)?? They might as well have given us a multiple choice on “how would you describe the OSU-Texas series?”

a. One-sided
b. Extremely one-sided
c. Embarrassing for OSU

6. Remember when our secondary was better than our defensive line? Yeah…

Yards/rush given up: 4.39
Yards/pass attempt given up: 6.53

Yards/rush given up: 3.09
Yards/pass attempt given up: 6.56

And we haven’t played Baylor and WVU yet!

7. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Walsh, huge gamer/competitor/moxie/et al, but he locks into receivers like Prince Fielder locks into fried okra. In the first half it was Josh Stewart, then it was Tracy Moore for like five straight passes in the second. I realize the game is really fast for him right now and I think he did a pretty bang-up job considering this fact, but that’s not going to fly (literally) in the Big 12.

8. I don’t think anybody’s talking about this but how about us running our springtime 4th string RB twice from the 10 with two minutes left when we needed eight instead of three? I know Randle was gassed but that can’t be how we wanted to go out[2. Speaking of not wanting to go out certain ways, how far down on your personal “this is what J.W. Walsh should run for a 2-point conversion against Carrington Byndom and Quandre Diggs” checklist is “fade route to Tracy Moore”? Is it in the top 100? Top 200?]…

9. Monken definitely had the “Texas will end your life if you try that scrambling you did against Louisiana” talk with Walsh. And the 50-yard run in the 4th was set up so perfectly because of this. I imagine Monken cracking an ice cold Bud heavy after calling that play, glancing at one of his assistants in the press box, and just saying “[expletive] Texas.”

10. David Ash let ’em hang all night. That 4th and six throw reminded me of the Fiesta Bowl (see below). He’s a completely different player this year, to the point that I gasped out loud at one of his 50-yard bombs. I can’t believe I’m writing things like this about David Ash.

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