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10 More Thoughts: Savannah St.



NCAA Football: Savannah State at Oklahoma StatePhoto Attribution: US Presswire

1. I praised the students in my thoughts last night but one thing that disappointed me: do not, ever, under any circumstances end the national anthem with “home of the Cowboys.” Also, the U-S-O U-S-O chant…how many times do we have to go over this?

2. Larry Reece really did introduce the team as “the defending Big 12 champions.” I wrote this on Friday hoping he would but it sounded about 100x better than I thought it would. I had chills on chills.

3. Uniform Heisman goes to Lyndell Johnson. Since I have no real great reason for this other than “Gilbert can’t win it every week” let’s talk about a few other uniform items. The black kicks looks sweet but I would die if we could get some white shoelaces to go with them like USC. The new gloves with orange trim were terrific. The white-orange-white was good, not great, I really think I like the white helmets with the black logo better than the orange logo.

4. I feel like Quinn Sharp is going to be playing a game of “how many times can I hit the crossbar on kickoffs this year” all year. Eight for eight last night.

5. Games like last night make the Appalachian State win over Michigan in the Big House all the more unbelievable. I know App State is way better than SSU but the talent discrepancy from FBS to FCS is so vast. I felt bad for Savannah’s QB all night, he was just going to the fetal position anytime Davidell Collins or Calvin Barnett got within 15 yards of him.

6. Couple more at-the-game notes: I did love about the in-stadium experience was that OSU put its Twitter handle (@osuathletics) on the inside of the soda cups. Innovative, interesting, very cool. Also, the paddle people have been extended around the northwest corner to the west end zone. I’m a fan (literally).

7. Did we underestimate Joe Randle as a Heisman candidate? I’m not saying that because of anything that happened in terms of production yesterday but I feel like Lunt is definitely going to check down and hand off a ton. Randle’s going to get his opportunities to put up some massive numbers and if he can stay healthy and OSU can move up the polls I think we might him get some Heisman love.

8. I was devastated that OSU lost the total points vs. opponent yards battle. Final count: Savannah State yards – 139, Oklahoma State points – 84.

9. If you had “Walsh will throw two TDs before Lunt throws one this season” you might need to take me to Vegas. Quade can’t be feeling good about that 35/8 prediction…

10. As a fan yesterday was putrid, I mean it was horrendous to watch. This might be a stupid question but would we rather play a top 15 team in the first game and lose or play this game and put up 84? The biggest issue, I suppose, is that the college football system doesn’t encourage NOT playing teams like Savannah State. Beat three of those and run your conference and you’re probably still playing for the national title. This is probably a bigger debate than just at the end of this post, maybe we’ll have it on the blog next week.

11. This is a serious question — do you think Savannah State ordered its uniforms out of the June Eastbay catalog or no?

12. The punt return unit is going to be interesting this year. It’s not like at a “Vin Baker trying to walk home after 22 drinks” level yet but my faith in our ability to cleanly field and return a punt is not high.

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