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10 predictions for OSU football

Uniform predictions, QB predictions, coaching predictions, poll predictions — our first 10 predictions has all of it.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

This will be a series of four posts so for the math-challenged of you out there that’s 40 predictions in all. Let’s jump right into it.

1. Oklahoma State will not lead the Big 12 in rushing — Yes, I did know that Jeremy Smith promised such statistical dominance and yes, I am terrified of what Jeremy Smith could do to me with one of his seemingly not real baby pythons but I just don’t see this happening. If it didn’t happen with Joe Randle and Jeremy Smith, it’s not happening with Desmond Roland and Jeremy Smith.

Here’s OSU’s conference finish in total rushing the last five years:

2012: 2nd
2011: 8th
2010: 4th
2009: 1st

2. Josh Stewart will move into fifth place on the all-time receiving list — All it will take is a 975-yard season.[1. This feels like a good place to note that CFB Reference now has sortable all-time stats. I am weeping with delight.] If he gets it the new record book will go:

1. Rashaun
2. 81
3. Hart Lee
4. D’Juan (?!)
5. Stewart
6. Dez

3. Oklahoma State and Baylor will combine for more points in their football game than in at least one of their basketball games — I don’t really think this is going out on a limb though.

4. Oklahoma State will finish lower in the polls than it started — So, worse than No. 14. Depending on when you lose I just think you have to go 11-2 with the bowl win to finish higher than No. 14 (OU went 10-3 last season and finished No. 15) and I just don’t see that happening.

5. Justin Gilbert will tie the all-time NCAA kick return for TDs record — He has five (the current OSU record), C.J. Spiller had seven at Clemson and Gilbert has gotten two in two of his first three years in Stillwater. Kick it to him, Lamar!

6. Oklahoma State will add at least one item to its uniform arsenal — In 2011 it was everything. Last year it was four different helmets (orange, orange Pete, black Pete, and carbon fiber). This year I have a feeling it’s going to be a throwback jersey. Dear uniform gods, let it be this one and let it have a swoosh.

7. Oklahoma State will have a top 30 DFEI defense for the fifth year in a row — And none of you will care because you’ll be too concerned about the fact that we just gave up 35 points.

8. The “I’m not sure Yurcich can handle the pressure” column will be written before the first Big 12 home game — Odds in Vegas on who will write it go like this:

Jenni Carlson: 5-2
Gina Mizell: 10-1
Berry Tramel: 15-1
Kelly Hines: 20-1
Jimmie Tramel: 30-1

Yurcich has big shoes to fill just like Monken did. If you’ll remember back to the A&M game in Monk’s first season, things were not going very swimmingly and we were probably 30 minutes from that column being written about him.

Then he called the “eff you” second half of his life where everything he touched turned to gold points and writers everywhere wept at his feet for the quotes that flowed from his mouth.

The toughest part about the transition from Shippensburg to the Big 12 isn’t the Xs and Os (Legos!) but the “holy crap I have six seconds to figure out what to call here” thing that hits you in the middle of that first game.

9. Clint Chelf will become the fifth player to have a 65%+ completion percentage for the season — Did you know Lunt, Walsh, and Chelf all passed for 60% or better last season? That’s unbelievable. Yurcich will play it safe with Chelf this season and his 60% will bump to 65% or better.

He won’t touch Weeden’s 72% mark from 2011 (have mercy!) but if Yurcich can keep his deep balls to a minimum, he could touch 70%.

10. Three players will catch 50+ passes — It’s never happened in OSU’s history. The closest the Pokes have gotten was in 2011 when Blackmon had 121, Cooper had 71, Moore had 45, and Randle had 43. I think the combo this year is Stewart-Jackson-TMoore.

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