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12 Days Of Playoffs: 1st Round



Big thanks to all 600+ of you who voted on the first half of round 1 of our playoffs.

The results:

LSU moved on with a 99/1 advantage over Northern Illinois, which might double as the actual score of a game they played (if it was possible to score 1 point). Who cares, I’d watch it anyway because of Hamption/Richmond/Weber State/Bucknell (need I go on?). All it takes is one time.

Kansas State struggled with Bucky but pulled it out in the end at a 53/47 clip. I suspect this is because most of my readers are pro-Big 12, but I can’t agree with the outcome. I think Bucky rolls, but hey this is a democracy, not the BCS.

Stanford torched WVU 92/8 in the 4/13 matchup. I actually think this would be an interesting game. Stanford is big, which means they’re also kind of slow and you guys saw what Oregon did to them in their house. WVU is like a middle class man’s Oregon. I actually wish they were the homeless man’s Oregon because it’s more fun to Dana on the street begging for cash than it is to imagine him in a Marriott in Morgantown.

Oregon also, predictably, lit up Southern Miss 97/3 which means we have an Oregon-Stanford matchup in the second round and an LSU-Oregon matchup looming in the semifinals (rematch outrage!!). I’d be terrified to play Oregon in a 16-team tournament like this. They go so deep and play so fast I feel like they’d just wear teams out.

New matchups below ready to be voted on. Happy voting and dreaming of a playoff!

If you need a refresher on what the rules are, take a gander here.

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Click below to enlarge bracket.

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