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12 Days of Playoffs: Finals



The results of the semifinals:

The semifinals again, played out pretty much how I thought they would. Maybe I need to change this up next year or not include Oklahoma State or something.

The Cowboys torched Alabama 90-10. I mean I think OSU could probably beat Bama 40-45 times out of 100, but 90?! Come on people, where’s the objectivity??

LSU beat Oregon by a lesser margin (72-28) in a rematch (outcry!) to setup what we all wanted to see all along:

Cowboys and Tigers in New Orleans.

The immovable object (LSU’s secondary) vs. the irresistible force (Brandon Weeden’s right arm). Gundy doing weird stuff vs. Les doing weirder stuff. We don’t get it in real life, but that’s what blogs are for.

If you need a refresher on what the rules are, take a gander here.

Happy voting and Merry Christmas to all our great readers!

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